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Pixiv illusts downloader.

Project description

Pixiv Downloader

A command line pixiv illust downloader.


pip install pixiv-down


usage: pixd [-h]
            [-b MIN_BOOKMARKS] [-c MAX_PAGE_COUNT] [-n ILLUST_NUM]
            [-k] [-p PATH] [-r RESOLUTION]
            [-s START] [-e END]
            [-l {debug,info,warn,error}]
            {iid,aid,tag,rcmd,related,ranking} ...

Download illusts in diffrent ways

  • iid

    download illusts by illust id list.

    e.g., pixd iid 92578547 93005923 87052390 91681788

  • aid

    download illusts by artist id list.

    e.g., pixd aid 671593 8062849 10475690 14496985

  • tag

    download illusts by tag name.

    e.g., pixd tag 甘雨 刻晴 八重樱

  • rcmd

    download illusts from recomments.

    e.g., pixd rcmd

  • related

    download related illusts of the specified illust id.

    e.g., pixd related 70937229 87749466

  • ranking

    download daily ranking of the specified day.

    e.g., pixd ranking 2021-01-01 2021-02-01,2021-03-31

Optional Arguments

  • -h, --help

    show this help message and exit


    the min bookmarks of illust (default: 3000)


    the max page count of illust (default: 10)


    the min quality of illust, the quality eauals the num of bookmarks per 100 views (default: None)

  • -l {1,2,3}

    the max sex level of illust (default: 2)


    total number of illusts to download (default: 300)

  • -p PATH

    the storage path of illusts (default: ./)


    the resolution of illusts: s / m / l / o,

    i.e., square / middle / large / origin, can set multiple

  • -k

    keep the json result to files

  • --show SHOW_JSON

    print the json result on stdout

  • -s START

    the start date of illust for tag searching (default: 2016-01-01)

  • -e END

    the end date of illust for tag searching (default: today)

  • --only_new

    only download the newest illusts from ranking

  • --without_illust

    don't download illusts when download ranking

  • -l {debug,info,warn,error}

    the log level (default: warn)

Project details

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