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Cut a picture into pieces by cutting along pixel lines

Project description


Cuts an image up into multiple pieces by following pixel lines that contrast with targeted piece color. Most pixels are kept in the process since very fine saw blades are used.

Try out by running the script that will prompt for necessary options and run pixsaw inside a docker container. It will use the files in the examples directory by default.

# Build and run using docker



Install with pip in editable mode for developing and use virtualenv to isolate python dependencies::

python3 -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -e .


Running the pixsaw script will show some help. It basically needs a path to a directory to store the generated files, an image that shows where to cut, and the image that should be cut into pieces.


mkdir tmp-small-puzzle-example
pixsaw --dir tmp-small-puzzle-example --lines examples/small-puzzle-lines.png examples/320px-White_Spoon_Osteospermum.jpg

The puzzle lines

Image example

Image from:

The output (combined into one file with glue to better show it):

Output of pixsaw


Please contact me or create an issue.

Any submitted changes to this project require the commits to be signed off with the git command option '--signoff'. This ensures that the committer has the rights to submit the changes under the project's license and agrees to the Developer Certificate of Origin.


GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0


Where possible, an upkeep comment has been added to various parts of the source code. These are known areas that will require updates over time to reduce software rot. The upkeep comment follows this pattern to make it easier for commands like grep to find these comments.

Example UPKEEP comment has at least a 'due:' or 'label:' or 'interval:' value surrounded by double quotes (").

Example-> # UPKEEP due: "2022-12-14" label: "an example upkeep label" interval: "+4 months"

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