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Command line tool for quick Pokemon info

Project description

pkdx 0.4

Get quick Pokémon info by command line.


  • Get battle information about a Pokémon (i.e. pretty print output from pokéapi)
  • Get a description of a move/ability
  • Check if a Pokémon can have a certain move/ability


It’s on PyPI, so this command in the terminal will work:

$ pip install pkdx

(Or download the package and run python install. Whatever.)


Get a short summary for a Pokémon by calling directly on the name:

$ pkdx typhlosion           # Species name
$ pkdx 150                  # National dex number
$ pkdx blaziken-mega        # Add -mega, -mega-x, etc for Mega Evolutions
$ pkdx shaymin-sky          # Specify a form if that Pokémon has one
$ pkdx meowstic-male        # Specify a gender for major gender differences
Meowstic-male: PSYCHIC
Possible abilities: Infiltrator, Keen-Eye, Prankster
HP      |#######                  |  74
Attack  |####                     |  48
Defense |#######                  |  76
Sp. Atk |########                 |  83
Sp. Def |########                 |  81
Speed   |##########               | 104
The eyeball patterns on the interior of its ears emit psychic energy. It keeps the patterns tightly covered because that power is too immense.

Check if some Pokémon can learn a move with move MOVE PKMN1 PKMN2 ...:

$ pkdx move focus-punch lucario                     # Replace spaces with hyphens
$ pkdx move scratch quilava charmander torchic      # List multiple Pokémon
$ pkdx move volt-switch shuckle 405 abomasnow-mega  # Mix and match!
Volt Switch: ELECTRIC (Special)
Shuckle         NOT ABLE!
Luxray          ABLE!
Abomasnow-mega  NOT ABLE!

The same syntax applies for abilities, ability ABILITY PKMN1 PKMN2 ...:

$ pkdx ability intimidate shinx
$ pkdx ability shadow-tag wynaut gothita wailord
$ pkdx ability victory-star victini goodra whimsicott
VICTORY STAR: Raises moves' accuracy to 1.1× for friendly Pokémon.
Victini     HAS IT!
Goodra      DOESN'T!
Whimsicott  DOESN'T!


pokéapi supplies:

  • Pokémon info
  • Ability and move availability
  • Move accuracy, descriptions, PP, and power

Bulbapedia (through BeautifulSoup) supplies:

  • Ability descriptions
  • Move type and category

The Bulbapedia information is correct as of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Run pkdx --update if there have been new games since then.

Known Issues

  • Pokémon with multiple forms must be named specifically (e.g. shaymin-sky).
  • If a multi-form Pokémon has a description, only one of the forms will have it.
  • pokéapi distinguishes between meowstic-male and meowstic-female, which doesn’t seem to happen for any other Pokémon with major gender differences (i.e. meowstic doesn’t work, but specifying the gender makes it valid).
  • pokéapi is inaccurate or outdated in some places.
    • pokéapi move information after move ID 559 is incorrect.
  • This is written in Python 2. This makes using the é character complicated.



Released Feb 28, 2015

  • Bring out the champagne: pkdx now requires BeautifulSoup4!
  • Added installation instructons to README.
  • Included two new files, and, for pulling data from Bulbapedia to store locally in JSON format.
  • Implemented –update flag for (short-term) futureproofing.
  • Added description of the requested ability when invoking pkdx ability.
  • Added type and category of the requested move when invoking pkdx move.
  • Changed formatting of move/ability availability table: alignment spacing changes based on the length of Pokémon names.


Released Feb 21, 2015

  • Added checking if a list of Pokémon can have a certain move or ability.
    • Checking information about moves or ability still not implemented.
  • Reclassified PyPI package as Development Status :: 3 - Alpha.

Also gotta check for reST mistakes more often.


Released Feb 20, 2015

  • Added argument parsing for future use cases. (They aren’t implemented yet.)


Released Feb 19, 2015

  • Fixed formatting errors in readme and news notes.
  • Slightly refactored code. There’s more than just a main function now.
  • Specified shebang as python2 rather than python.
  • Added detection for common exceptions, such as asking for wrong Pokémon names.
  • Added stats and abilities information for Pokémon.


Released Feb 19, 2015

  • Filled in metadata for PyPI.
  • Removed egg file from distribution. Source is enough.


Released Feb 19, 2015

  • First properly packaged release.


Released Feb 17, 2015

  • Crappy first try.

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