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Company-centric packaging and testing library

Project description

PkgLib: Company-centric Python packaging and testing library

Kindly open-sourced by AHL, this library has the goal of providing a one-stop-shop for Python development houses to get up and running using Python with the minimum of fuss in a Linux development environment.

This library has three main components:

  • pkglib: a set of packaging tools which extend on a number of the major packaging toolsets in Python - distribute, pip and zc.buildout.

  • pkglib.testing: a suite of testing utilities to assist with handling services, databases, web drivers and coverage amongst other things, as well as a number of useful py.test plugins.

  • pkglib.project_template: a PasteScript template for generating packages that integrate with pkglib


There are the slides from my EuroPython 2013 talk up at, and the API docs are published at

Headline Features


  • Package metadata all sourced from text-file setup.cfg, making it easier to parse package configuration by other releated tools.

  • Advanced dependency management:

    • Allows configuration of in-house company packages that are treated differently than third-party libraries.

    • Backtracking dependency resolver to solve the difficult ‘diamond problem’ of version resolution in complex dependency graphs.

    • Understands ‘dev’ and ‘release’ version streams, allowing the user to operate in either mode.

    • Tools to visualise dependency graphs from your current virtualenv.

  • Improved PyPI interaction, prompts for user credentials and raises correct Unix return codes on error.

  • Installer search path support to allow eggs to be linked into virtualenvs from shared disk, an important feature when working on shared filesystems in large teams.

  • Keeps things neat and tidy - cleans out unused packages from your virtualenv’s site-packages directory.

  • Py.Test integration with python test:

    • Configured for sensible defaults for code coverage and quality analysis

    • Detects when running under Jenkins and Hudson, swapping to file-based reporting and altering tempfile creation.

  • Command-line tool for managing software ‘platforms’, an abstraction upon single packages when large numbers of interdependant packages are released together.

  • Checkout and setup packages from in-house repositories by name rather than url.

  • Numerous powerful targets:

    • Combine standalone package docs with automatic API documentation using Sphinx.

    • Run tests using gcov to allow gathering code coverage of C/C++ extensions.

    • Synchronise checkouts and libraries with VCS and PyPI

    • Create Jenkins/Hudson builds.

    • Generate revision-linked development eggs for build systems.

    • Generate test-only eggs to capture test code and runtime options.

    • Deploy package to versioned virtualenvs.

  • ‘Batteries Included’ project template


  • Utilities with associated Py.Test fixture plugins for:

    • Profiling code execution, including C/C++ extensions

    • Managing temp dirs

    • Creating virutalenvs

    • Creating pkglib enabled packages

    • Running up servers instances in a port-safe manner, with save, restore and teardown.

    • Supported servers include jenkins, redis, mongodb, Pyramid and (TODO) a minimal PyPI implementation.

    • Selenium Webdriver, integrated with the Pyramid server runner plugin.

  • Page Objects pattern implementation for better structured Selenium tests.

  • Mocking implementations for databases and other common types.


  • Full support for git and mercurial.

  • OSX support

  • Python 2.4 -> 3.x support for core distlib functionality.

  • Upgrade to latest versions of distribute, and bring the project in-line with recent developements in the Python packaging space like distlib.

  • Add support for wheel binary distribution format.


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