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Python Packages Tools, with Python 3.3 support

Project description

pkgtools is a Python library that offers some tools to work with Python Packages. It includes two packages:

  • pkgtools.pypi: a simple yet powerful interface to PyPI (Python Package Index)

  • pkgtools.pkg: some package utilities, like metadata reading

Hello World!

>>> from pkgtools.pypi import PyPI
>>> pypi = PyPI()
>>> pypi.package_releases('pypol_')
>>> pypi.package_releases('pypol_', True)
['0.5', '0.4', '0.3', '0.2']
>>> pypol_egg = pypi.release_urls('pypol_', '0.5')[2]
>>> pypol_egg
Object({'has_sig': False, 'upload_time': <DateTime '20110213T09:33:07' at 97d666c>, 'comment_text': '',
'python_version': '2.6', 'url': '',
'md5_digest': '20e660cef8513f35fdb0afd5390146bc', 'downloads': 46, 'filename': 'pypol_-0.5-py2.6.egg',
'packagetype': 'bdist_egg', 'size': 116826})
>>> pypol_egg['python_version']
>>> pypol_egg.python_version
>>> pypol_egg.filename
>>> pypol_egg.url
>>> from pkgtools.pkg import Installed
>>> i = Installed('sphinx')
>>> i
<pkgtools.pkg.Installed object at 0x96f68ec>
>>> i.file('entry_points.txt')
{'console_scripts': {'sphinx-autogen': 'sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate:main',
                     'sphinx-build': 'sphinx:main',
                     'sphinx-quickstart': 'sphinx.quickstart:main'},
 'distutils.commands': {'build_sphinx': 'sphinx.setup_command:BuildDoc'}}
>>> i.file('requires.txt')
['Pygments>=0.8', 'Jinja2>=2.2', 'docutils>=0.5']
>>> i.file('depencency_links.txt')
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#8>", line 1, in <module>
  File "", line 80, in file
    raise KeyError('This package does not have {0} file'.format(name))
KeyError: This package does not have depencency_links.txt file
>>> i.file('PKG-INFO')['Metadata-Version']
>>> i.file('PKG-INFO')['Name']

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