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Utilities for working with Placekeys

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A Python library for working with Placekeys. Documentation for this package can be found here, and documentation for the Placekey service API can be found here. The Plackey design specification is available here. The details in Placekey encoding is here. We welcome your feedback.


This package can be installed from PyPI by

pip install placekey

MacOS Big Sur may need to run brew install geos if the installation of the shapely dependency fails.


The basic functionality of the Placekey library is conversion between Placekeys and latitude-longitude coordinates.

>>> import placekey as pk
>>> lat, long = 0.0, 0.0
>>> pk.geo_to_placekey(lat, long)
>>> pk.placekey_to_geo('@dvt-smp-tvz')
(0.00018033323813810344, -0.00018985758738881587)

The library also allows for conversion between Placekeys and H3 indices.

>>> pk.placekey_to_h3('@dvt-smp-tvz')
>>> pk.h3_to_placekey('8a754e64992ffff')

The distance in meters between two Placekeys can be found with the following function.

>>> pk.placekey_distance('@dvt-smp-tvz', '@5vg-7gq-tjv')

An upper bound on the maximal distance in meters between two Placekeys based on the length of their shared prefix is provided by placekey.get_prefix_distance_dict().

>>> pk.get_prefix_distance_dict()
{0: 20040000.0,
 1: 20040000.0,
 2: 2777000.0,
 3: 1065000.0,
 4: 152400.0,
 5: 21770.0,
 6: 8227.0,
 7: 1176.0,
 8: 444.3,
 9: 63.47}

Placekeys found in a data set can be partially validated by

>>> pk.placekey_format_is_valid('222-227@dvt-smp-tvz')
>>> pk.placekey_format_is_valid('@123-456-789')

API Client

This package also includes a client for the Placekey API. The methods in the client are automatically rate limited.

>>> from placekey.api import PlacekeyAPI
>>> placekey_api_key = "..."
>>> pk_api = PlacekeyAPI(placekey_api_key)

The PlacekeyAPI.lookup_placekey method can be used to lookup the Placekey for a single place.

>>> pk_api.lookup_placekey(latitude=37.7371, longitude=-122.44283)
{'query_id': '0', 'placekey': '@5vg-82n-kzz'}
>>> place = {
>>>   "street_address": "598 Portola Dr",
>>>   "city": "San Francisco",
>>>   "region": "CA",
>>>   "postal_code": "94131",
>>>   "iso_country_code": "US"
>>> }
>>> pk_api.lookup_placekey(**place, strict_address_match=True)
{'query_id': '0', 'placekey': '227@5vg-82n-pgk'}

The PlacekeyAPI.lookup_placekeys method can be used to lookup Placekeys for multiple places.

>>> places = [
>>>   {
>>>     "street_address": "1543 Mission Street, Floor 3",
>>>     "city": "San Francisco",
>>>     "region": "CA",
>>>     "postal_code": "94105",
>>>     "iso_country_code": "US"
>>>   },
>>>   {
>>>     "query_id": "thisqueryidaloneiscustom",
>>>     "location_name": "Twin Peaks Petroleum",
>>>     "street_address": "598 Portola Dr",
>>>     "city": "San Francisco",
>>>     "region": "CA",
>>>     "postal_code": "94131",
>>>     "iso_country_code": "US"
>>>   },
>>>   {
>>>     "latitude": 37.7371,
>>>     "longitude": -122.44283
>>>   }
>>> ]
>>> pk_api.lookup_placekeys(places)
[{'query_id': 'place_0', 'placekey': '226@5vg-7gq-5mk'},
 {'query_id': 'thisqueryidaloneiscustom', 'placekey': '227-222@5vg-82n-pgk'},
 {'query_id': 'place_2', 'placekey': '@5vg-82n-kzz'}]

Full details on how to query the API and how to get an API key can be found here.


Jupyter notebooks demonstrating various Placekey functionality are contained in the placekey-notebooks repository.


This package runs on Python 3.

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