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Planetary coverage package

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Planetary coverage package

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The planetary-coverage package is a toolbox to perform surface coverage analysis based on orbital trajectory calculations. Its main intent is to provide an easy way to compute observation opportunities of specific region of interest above the Galilean satellites for the ESA-JUICE mission but could be extended in the future to other space mission.

It is actively developed by the Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers Nantes Atlantique (OSUNA, CNRS-UAR 3281) and the Laboratory of Planetology and Geosciences (LPG, CNRS-UMR 6112) at Nantes University (France), under ESA-JUICE and CNES founding support.


📦 Installation

The package is available on PyPI and can be installed very easily:

  • If you are in a Jupyter environnement, you can use the magic command %pip in a notebook cell and ▶️ Run it:
%pip install --upgrade planetary-coverage
  • or, if you are using a terminal environment, you can do:
pip install --upgrade planetary-coverage

Note: If you plan to use this package with JUICE and you want to enable PTR simulation with AGM. You can add a juice extra parameter in the pip install command: pip install planetary-coverage[juice]

✏️ How to cite this package

If you use this package for your analyses, please consider using the following citation:

Seignovert et al. 2023, Planetary coverage package (1.0.0),, swh:1:rel:3900e871fe34fdeead5a4d8d6b3aa86a063e82df

or can use this 📙 BibTeX file.

⚡️ Issues and 💬 feedback

If you have any issue with this package, we highly recommend to take a look at:

If you did not find a solution there, feel free to:

🎨 Contribution and 🐛 fix bugs

Contributions are always welcome and appreciated. An account on the JUICE Giltab is required. You also need to install the latest version of Poetry (≥1.2), for example on Linux/macOS, you can run this command:

curl -sSL | python3 -

Then you are good to go!

  1. 🍴 Fork this project

  2. 🐑 Clone and 📦 install the repository locally:

git clone<YOUR_USERNAME>/planetary-coverage
cd planetary-coverage

poetry install --extras juice
  1. ✍️ Make your edits and 🚧 write the tests.

  2. 🚦 Double-check that the linters are happy 😱 🤔 😃 :

poetry run flake8 src/ tests/ docs/
poetry run pylint src/ tests/
  1. 🛠 Check that your tests succeed 👍 and you have a coverage of 100% ✨ :
poetry run pytest
  1. 📖 Complete and ⚙️ build the documentation (if needed):
cd docs/
poetry run make docs
  1. 📤 Push your changes to your forked branch and 🚀 open a new merge request explaining what you changed 🙌 👏 💪.

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