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OpenERP module and library to manage multisite energy generation

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OpenERP module and library to manage multisite energy generation

To be extinguished package

Most of the content of this packages is in progress of being moved to somenergia-generationkwh o generic packages like somenergia-utils.

Further development should consider continuing this transition.

Install and test

pip install -e .
pytest plantmeter # Run unit tests
pytest som_plantmeter/tests # Run erp tests (require a working local erp)

Some erp tests clean up collections on the mongo database the erp points to, which could be a disaster if your dbconfig is pointing to a production setup. So, those tests are disabled by default. In order to enable clean room test in erp tests:

  • Ensure your configuration is pointing to a testing database
  • Run from somenergia-utils
  • This enables an erp config flag, that makes destrutive testing not to be skipped.
  • If, later, you accidentally change dbconfig to point a production setup, and run those tests they won't actually be run

Code Map

Refer to somenergia-generationkwh documentation on tips on how the code is structured.

How to release

  • Update the version in README changelogs
  • Update the version in
  • Commit "Bump to plantmeter-M.m.p"
  • git tag plantmeter-M.m.p
  • git push && git push --tags
  • The later push will generate the source package in pypi for the non-erp module


plantmeter 1.7.5 2023-01-18

  • Add filter capabilities to MongoTimeCurve.get()

plantmeter 1.7.4 2022-01-08

"Keeping up with Python 2.7" Release

  • Github actions for CI
  • Moved isodates to somutils
  • Python 2.7 compatibility: added conditional dependencies

plantmeter 1.7.3 2019-07-29

Py3 portability back

  • MTC: mongo's bjson do not accept numpy types as attributes, so we are taking the native item when updating with numpy arrays.

plantmeter 1.7.2 2019-07-18

Not importing anymore release

  • Removing logic for importing metering since now is done by Gisce:
    • Removed Meter.last_commit related to the meter importing logic
    • Removed GenerationkwhProductionNotifier and related helpers
    • update_kwh methods removed
    • Removed all (metering) providers
    • Removed GenerationkwhProductionAggregator.getNShares()
  • genkwh_production script renamed as genkwh_plants
  • genkwh_production curve extracted as genkwh_mtc
  • genkwh_mtc: collections alias renamed:
    • gisce -> production
    • production -> production_old
  • genkwh_mtc: New collection rightscorrection
  • Plants have first/last_active_date
  • Meters have first/last_active_date
  • New Aggregator.firstActiveDate() returning the min of the plant's first_active_date
  • Functional tests moved to som_plantmeter/tests
  • FIX: Fontivsolar meter number was wrong
  • New migration script to perform the former fix and rewrite the rights

plantmeter 1.7.1 2019-04-04

  • Removed deprecated scripts genkwh_pull_status and genkwh_export
  • Removed deprecated genkwh_production subcommands: pull-status, load-meassures and update-kwh
  • Script installed by

plantmeter 1.7.0 2019-04-02

  • Meters and plants have first_active_date attribute
  • Built plant shares is not a constant curve anymore, changes when adding new plants
  • Meter first_active_date filters out earlier meassures
  • Fix: lastMesurement in a mix/plant is the first one of lastMeasurement of the childs
  • Script to migrate old plant and incorporate the new one
  • In general, fixes to really enable multiple plants
  • editmix, editplant, editmeter
  • editmix, editplant, editmeter
  • delmix, delplant, delmeter
  • meterset -> editmeter

plantmeter 1.6.2 2019-01-21

  • Deprecated and
  • added pull_status as subcommand
  • pull_status: nicer output and exit status
  • migration script

plantmeter 1.6.1 2019-01-03

  • Show erp configuration at the begining of every command
  • Protect clear againts lossy fingers

plantmeter 1.6.0 2019-01-03

  • Python 3 supported (python module, not yet the erp code)
  • Migrated to pymongo 3
  • MongoTimeCurve takes some field names as parameters (timestamp and creation)
  • Abstracted ResourceParent from ProductionPlant and ProductionAggregator
  • list: list all the resorce hierarchy (mixes, plants, meters)
  • addmix: to add an aggregator, now 'mix'
  • addplant: to add a plant
  • addmeter: to add a meter
  • curve: to extract stored curves as TSV (production, rights...)
  • commmand documentation

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