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Parse configuration files written in a Python-like syntax

Project description

Configuration files with a Python-like syntax

Parse a very Python-like mini-language to produce a dictionary. This allows Python programs to be configured using a Python-like language consisting of dictionaries, tuples, and literal values. Plasmic dictionary keys must be literal values. Plasmic dictionary values can be literal values and, possibly nested, tuples and other plasmic dictionaries.

Here is a sample configuration:

  {key1: "value1",
   key2: 2},
  {key1: "othervalue",
   key3: 3.0
    {key4: (1, 2, 3)
     key5: {"foo": "meta",
            "bar": "syntactic"}

As a convenience all dictionary entries keyed by symbols have their keys converted to the lower case string equivalent.

The plasmic Python-like language contains almost no expression evaluation. The single, optional, expression allowed is a string.Formmatter.format() formatting syntax used for interpolation – the insertion of of data into values by reference to Plasmic dictionary keys.

The recommended suffix for files written in the Plasmic language is: .pcf


Plasmic has the following sub-projects to support configuring applications using files written in Plasmic. Most users will not want to use plasmic directly but will import one of these sub-projects.


A configparser-like API for the reading and writing of configuration files in plasmic syntax.

import plasmic.configparser


A plugin allowing Plasmic configuration files to drive the Montague WSGI component loader.

Complete Documentation

The complete documentation set can be found on the Plasmic home page at

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