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pytest-play plugin with python expressions and assertions

Project description

play python

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pytest-play plugin with restricted Python expressions and assertions and it is
based on the ``RestrictedPython`` package.

``RestrictedPython`` is a tool that helps to define a subset of the Python
language which allows to provide a program input into a trusted environment.
RestrictedPython is not a sandbox system or a secured environment, but it helps
to define a trusted environment and execute untrusted code inside of it.



More info and examples on:

* pytest-play_, documentation
* cookiecutter-qa_, see ``pytest-play`` in action with a working example if you want to start hacking


This project defines the following pytest-play_ commands based on Python

Store variables

You can store a pytest-play_ variables::

'provider': 'python',
'type': 'store_variable',
'expression': '1+1',
'name': 'foo'

Make a Python assertion

You can make an assertion based on a Python expression::

'provider': 'python',
'type': 'assert',
'expression': 'variables["foo"] == 2'


Sleep for a given amount of seconds::

'provider': 'python',
'type': 'sleep',
'seconds': 2

Exec a Python expresssion

You can execute a Python expression::

'provider': 'python',
'type': 'exec',
'expression': 'variables.update({'play_requests': {'parameters': {'headers': {'Authorization': '$bearer', 'Content-Type': 'application/json'}}}})'

Wait until condition

The ``wait_until_not`` command waits until the wait expression is False::

'provider': 'python',
'type': 'wait_until_not',
'expression': 'variables["expected_id"] is not None and variables["expected_id"][0] == $id',
'timeout': 5,
'poll': 0.1,
'subcommands': [{
'provider': 'play_sql',
'type': 'sql',
'database_url': 'postgresql://$db_user:$db_pwd@$db_host/$db_name',
'query': 'SELECT id FROM table WHERE id=$id ORDER BY id DESC;',
'variable': 'expected_id',
'expression': 'results.first()'

assuming that the subcommand updates the execution results updating a ``pytest-play``
variable (eg: ``expected_id``) where tipically the ``$id`` value comes
from a previously executed command that causes an asynchrounous update on a relational
database soon or later (eg: a play_requests_ command making a ``HTTP POST`` call
or a ``MQTT`` message coming from a simulated IoT device with play_mqtt_).

The wait command will try (and retry) to execute the subcommand with a poll frequency
``poll`` (default: 0.1 seconds) until the provided ``timeout`` expressed
in seconds expires or an exception occurs.

You can use the opposite command named ``wait_until`` that waits until the wait
expression is not False.

Loop commands

You can repeat a group of subcommands using a variable as a counter. Assuming you
have defined a ``countdown`` variable with 10 value, the wait until command will
repeat the group of commands for 10 times::

'provider': 'python',
'type': 'wait_until',
'expression': 'variables["countdown"] == 0',
'timeout': 0,
'poll': 0,
'sub_commands': [{
'provider': 'python',
'type': 'store_variable',
'name': 'countdown',
'expression': 'variables["countdown"] - 1'


``pytest-play`` tweets happens here:

* `@davidemoro`_


This package was created with Cookiecutter_ and the cookiecutter-play-plugin_ (based on `audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage`_ project template).

.. _Cookiecutter:
.. _`audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage`:
.. _`cookiecutter-play-plugin`:
.. _pytest-play:
.. _cookiecutter-qa:
.. _`@davidemoro`:
.. _play_requests:
.. _play_mqtt:


0.1.1 (2018-01-17)

- add ``filter`` and ``map``

0.1.0 (2018-01-16)

- add ``wait_until`` and ``wait_until_not`` commands

- add ``datetime`` based expressions

- add json ``dumps`` and ``loads`` based expressions

0.0.1 (2018-01-10)

* First release

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