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Tool for downloading videos from your Plex server to an external HDD

Project description


This piece of software was inspired by me buying the WD My Passport Wireless Pro, quite nice external hdd which is able to run Plex and stream all available media across connected wireless devices. The only remarkable problem was is requirement to manually copy required content to hdd, at least when you already have some instance of Plex set up. But now, with plexiglas, you can easily have multiple servers with similar data.


  • Mobile Sync, Plex Pass subscribers only
    • Limit used space
    • Minimize transcoding somehow (no idea if it's possible)
  • Work with Python 2.7
    • Work on WD My Passport Wireless Pro (docs)
      • Run and able to download files
      • Keyring is working
  • Resume transfer
  • Simple downloading of original video for those, who don't have PlexPass
    • With configurable transcoding
    • Automatically remove watched videos
    • Download all video parts, not only first
  • Mark missing videos as watched
  • Limit bandwidth
  • Trailers downloading & converting to mp4
  • Confirmed working with Movies & TV-Shows
    • mobile sync
    • simple sync
  • Confirmed working with audio
    • mobile sync
    • simple sync
  • Confirmed working with photo
    • mobile sync
    • simple sync
  • Confirmed working with playlists
    • mobile sync
    • simple sync
  • --subdir as plugin
  • Sync watching position


pip install plexiglas

(sudo may be required)

If you'll receive an error like AttributeError: 'MyPlexAccount' object has no attribute 'syncItems' it means that you already have PlexAPI installed, but without my changes, to fix this please execute following commands:

pip uninstall plexapi
pip install 'plexapi>=3.1.0'


plexiglas -d "/Volumes/My Passport/PlexSync" --limit-disk-usage 10% -w

Following arguments are currently supported:

  • -u, --username — your username, after the first run in will be securely stored in a keychain
  • -p, --password — your password, after the first run in will be securely stored in a keychain
  • -n, --device-name — allows to set human-readable device name instead of computer name
  • -d, --destination — the path where to store downloaded files and Plexiglas' DB, current dir by default. Do not forget to copy .plexiglas.db file to the new path manually, If you'd like to change the folder
  • -w, --mark-watched — if a previously downloaded file is missing within destination directory the media would be marked as watched
  • --debug — enable debug logging
  • -v, --verbose — enable logging from underlying library (plexapi)
  • -s, --limit-disk-usage — sets disk usage limit, supported human-readable format and percents of total disk space
  • --loop — run the script in a loop, so it will monitor for updates
  • --delay — sets delay (in seconds) between iterations
  • -r, --resume-downloads — restart download if file is exist
  • --rate-limit — limit bandwidth usage
  • -q — close application right after initialization and storing all required data in keyring
  • -i, --insecure — use insecure keyring, which can be used in non-interactive mode
  • --skip — skip specified file from downloading, can be used multiple times. E.g. passing Rewatch/The Butterfly Effect (2004).mp4 as an argument will skip the movie The Butterfly Effect from downloading to sync named Rewatch
  • --subdir — store each movie in subdirectory, so you can easily add extras (e.g. trailers)
  • --simple-sync-url — download media from specific part of the library, you should enter argument value in format URL [<COUNT> [<ALLOW_WATCHED>]], where items in square braces are optional. To get the URL simply open your Plex Web UI, go to the library you're interested in (syncing for single items like Movie, TVShow, Season also supported), set any required filters and / or sorting and copy the resulting URL from the browser. Sample usage:
    • Download 10 unwatched movies, sorted by year of release (all filters and sorting are set in Plex Web UI)
    --simple-sync-url!/server/607c8c938b50eef734456f8b9da94b5d02339ce5?key=%2Flibrary%2Fsections%2F1&typeKey=%2Flibrary%2Fsections%2F1%2Fall%3Ftype%3D1&save=1&limit=&sort=year%3Adesc 10
    • Download 5 oldest watched movies:
    --simple-sync-url!/server/607c8c938b50eef734456f8b9da94b5d02339ce5?key=%2Flibrary%2Fsections%2F1&typeKey=%2Flibrary%2Fsections%2F1%2Fall%3Ftype%3D1&customFilter=1&save=1&sort=lastViewedAt&filters=unwatched%21%3D1 5 1

If you wouldn't provide a username and/or password the app will ask you to provide them in interactive mode, afterwards it will be stored in secure storage, unless option -i was set.

If you're using Mobile Sync you can split all your files by subdirectories in quite an easy way: when you create a new Sync Item in Plex interface it asks you for a title — it would be a folder name for all the items, related to this item. And there lies a trick, there is some special handling for this title:

  • You can set it to something like Movies#Best — in this case the part after # will be ignored and all the files would be placed within Movies folder, while you'll be able to differentiate Sync Items in the interface
  • You can use / or \\ to split the files by folders, e.g. you can add a new Item TV Shows/The Big Gang Theory and all the episodes will be stored inside directory TV Shows/The Big Gang Theory of your downloading path.

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