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Plone specific i18n extensions.

Project description


Plone specific i18n extensions.


3.0.6 (2020-04-20)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor packaging updates. (#1)

3.0.5 (2018-09-28)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix tests with py3. [pbauer]

3.0.4 (2016-11-19)

Bug fixes:

  • Remove zopetestcase. [ivanteoh, maurits]
  • Add coding header to pyton files. [gforcada]

3.0.3 (2016-08-18)


  • Use zope.interface decorator. [gforcada]

3.0.2 (2016-02-18)


  • Replace deprecated zope.testing.doctest and zope.testing.doctestunit imports with doctest module from stdlib. [thet]

3.0.1 (2015-07-18)

3.0.0 (2015-03-26)

  • Adapted language viewlet to Plone 5 [bloodbare]

2.0.3 (2014-10-22)

  • Fix url to switchLanguage to include the view [Gagaro]
  • Ported to [tomgross]

2.0.2 (2013-01-13)

2.0.1 - 2011-06-26

  • Use template parameter in language selector’s viewlet zcml declaration. Make it easier to customize in add-ons. [toutpt]

2.0 - 2010-07-18

  • Update license to GPL version 2 only. [hannosch]

2.0b1 - 2010-04-10

  • Updated language selector markup to match the one in LinguaPlone. [hannosch]
  • Avoid extra empty span inside the language selector. [hannosch]
  • Move the language selector viewlet to the portal header viewlet manager. [davisagli]

1.0.8 - 2010-01-24

  • Optimize the language selector available check. We really don’t need to get the entire list of all available languages, if we don’t show the selector. [hannosch]

1.0.7 - 2009-07-28

1.0.6 - 2009-03-07

  • Sort languages as shown in the user interface by order in portal_languages supported_langs variable. This allows to sort languages through GenericSetup. [buechler, nouri]
  • Reformat history. [hannosch]

1.0.5 - August 18, 2008

  • Changed the language selector viewlet to use the native name instead of always showing the English name. This closes [hannosch]
  • Allow tests to force display of selector viewlet by setting always_show_selector = True on the portal_languages tool. [stefan]

1.0.4 - April 19, 2008

  • Make the language selector deal with languages for which no flag is defined. Ported over from LinguaPlone. [wichert]

1.0.3 - January 31, 2008

  • Fixed bug: all available languages in the languageselector box were always marked as selected, at least when using language cookies. In practice this meant the last language was always shown in the box and this language was actually never used and could not be set. [maurits]
  • Added more tests. 100% test coverage now. [hannosch]
  • Added more tests for language and countries utilities. Fixed some call-by-reference bugs with lists found while writing those. [hannosch]

1.0.2 - January 9, 2008

  • Undo the damage from r17682 which removed the language code from the return value of LanguageSelector.languages. This broke the language selectors, which is mostly noticeable by LinguaPlone no longer working. [wichert]

1.0.1 - December 24, 2007

  • Fixed the languages method of the selector to include the native language code. [wichert, hannosch]
  • Fixed stupid bug in using super(). [hannosch]

1.0 - August 13, 2007

  • No changes. [hannosch]

1.0rc1 - July 9, 2007

  • Removed some left over tool init stuff. The local utilities are not used as tools anymore. [hannosch]
  • Only show the language selector viewlet when cookie language negotiation is enabled. [hannosch]

1.0b3 - May 1, 2007

  • Added id to language selector markup. Moved language selector to the right side in the breadcrumbs line. [fschulze]
  • Fixed spelling error. [wichert]
  • Use getToolByName instead of getUtility again. Updated language chooser viewlet to be more defensive, when there’s no language tool available. This closes [hannosch]

1.0b2 - March 23, 2007

  • Replaced getToolByName with getUtility. [hannosch]

1.0b1 - March 5, 2007

  • Initial implementation. [hannosch]
  • Initial package structure. [zopeskel]

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