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better plone widgets

Project description

The goal of is to provide an implementation for a new set of javascript widgets being developed outside Plone as part of Mockup project. It overrides explicit widgets used in dexterity and archetypes to provide tested and modularized widgets based on the concept of patterns.

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The 1.x branch of is to be used only for Plone 4.3. 2.x is only to be used with Plone 5.

Is safe to use this package?

This package should be safe to install and easy to uninstall (there is also uninstall profile). That means its fairly safe to give it a try, but just in case don’t forget to create backup before testing it.

What is included?

The fields that are using updated widgets are:

  • Tags field (AjaxSelectWidget)

  • Language field (SelectWidget)

  • Effective date field (DatetimeWidget)

  • Expire date field (DatetimeWidget)

  • Contributors field (AjaxSelectWidget)

  • Creators field (AjaxSelectWidget)

  • Related items field (RelatedItemsWidget)

  • Query string field (QueryStringWidget) in case is installed.

  • Text field (TinyMCEWidget) for ATContentTypes ‘text’ field, and for use in (optional). This may be used for other content types in add-ons, but may require additional configuration and/or registration for broader use when is not installed in a Plone 4 site.

All client side code (javascript/css/images) is done and tested as part of Mockup project.

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For any feature / bug / comment please create an issue in the issue tracker.


For now only tested with latest Plone 4.3:

extends =
versions = versions
parts = instance

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
user = admin:admin
http-address = 8080
eggs =
zcml =

Make sure you install the “Plone Widgets” profile when creating your Plone site or include profile in your metadata.xml..


1.9.1 (2017-02-12)

  • Fix value for at.AjaxSelectWidget when the edit form returns with validation errors [petschki]

  • Use the RAW text for Archetypes based TinyMCE content, this fixes image handling with TinyMCE. [pcdummy]

  • Possible to use Rich Text (TinyMCE 4, properly configured) pattern in Dexterity types other than implementation, with consistent behavior with other uses of TinyMCE on Plone 4 sites. This is useful for Plone 4 sites wanting to use wthout requiring [seanupton]

  • Update README with notes regarding rich text widget. [seanupton]

  • Update widgets bundle to the latest (2.3.0 - unreleased, 2016-08-18). This includes minor widget improvements for related items widget, for icon compatibility with Plone 4, and button display style. It also fixes progress bar styles for upload pattern as used in TinyMCE. [seanupton]

  • Now possible to clear Archetypes date/time field value, replacing any previous value with empty value, when desired for both date and datetime. [seanupton]

  • TinyMCE folder context adjusted appropriately for use in static text portlet: uploads now work, browsing now starts at appropriate root. [seanupton]

  • Expose alternate RichTextFieldWidget factory, not tightly bound to, when is not installed. This may be useful for use by static text portlet, other Dexterity content types on sties where is not in use. [seanupton]

  • Enable pasting of foreground, background color if and only if the foreground and background color toolbar buttons are enabled for editing. [seanupton]

  • Browser spell check enabled by default; this is usually desired for most editing, and low-risk. Users can use Shift + right-click (Firefox) or Control + right-click (Chrome) to show correction suggestions. [seanupton]

  • Related items options computes context for all z3c.form based forms, not just add forms. This is congruent with how 2.0.4+. [seanupton]

  • Omit ‘folderTypes’ parameter from configuration of related items widget. This is no longer used by mockup 2.x. [seanupton]

  • Related items data converter supports explicit value_type specified in field when using collections of UUID values. This is backward-compatible with previous conversion to field values, supports str/unicode value(s), whichever is specified by field (backported from related change to 2.0.1). [seanupton]

1.9 (2016-06-21)

  • Upgrade widgets bundle to latest version (2.3.0 - unreleased). [thet]

  • update mockup widgets bundle and fix get_tinymce_options to return plugins as list (like Plone 5 does … see [petschki]

  • fix vocabulary lookup for related items widget. [petschki]

  • Ensure vocabulary lookup works on add forms for related items widget. [alecm]

  • Add navigation root support to related items widget. Fix incorrect options merge for TinyMCE widget. [alecm]

  • Support Plone 4.x TinyMCE table styles enumerated in control panel via TinyMCE 4 configuration property ‘table_class_list’. [seanupton]

  • Incorporate ‘textcolor’ plugin into configuration. This ships with the included TinyMCE, and has configurable ‘forecolor’ and ‘backcolor’ buttons in Plone 4 TinyMCE control panel. [seanupton]

  • Fix vocabulary item path. This fixes issues when browsing through collective.lineage subsites. [petschki]

  • ignore missing/broken RelationValues in RelatedItemsWidget [petschki]

  • Change the past/future years and time interval of pickadate to the registry settings [petschki]

  • Allow time options to be customized for DatetimeWidget. [thet]

  • Let @@getVocabulary return the vocabulary’s value instead of the token for the id in the result set. The token is binary encoded and leads to encoding errors when selecting a value with non-ASCII data from vocabulary list in a select2 based widget. Fixes: [thet]

1.8.0 (2015-05-25)

  • Register the plonejsi18n view for all contexts, so that it can be called also on the Zope root. If no base url is found, it’s called on “/”. [thet]

  • Allow getVocabulary calls without a fieldname on INavigationRoot instead of IPloneSiteRoot. This adds compatibility for Lineage based subsites. [thet]

  • Use widget bundle from mockup’s build directory, if mockup is installed. In this case, you need to build the widgets bundle in the mockup directory. [thet]

  • Implement selectableTypes for the RelatedItems pattern [petschki]

  • Include TinyMCE languages from mockup. [petschki]

  • Change TinyMCE pattern options: Add the folderTypes list to the RelatedItems widget in TinyMCE (fixes issues with the tinymce configuration option containsobjects not being respected), set the RelatedItems widget mode to browse and set the basePath to the current folder (starts the RelatedItems widget in the insert link and image dialogs from the current folder, where one can browse down the content tree). [thet]

  • Update the mockup widget bundle. [thet]

  • Allow the JavaScript and CSS resources to be cachable and cookable. Set applyPrefix for the CSS resource. [thet]

  • Add the form_tabbing.js and toc.js scripts to the deprecated bundles. They’re made obsolete by mockup-patterns-autotoc. [thet]

  • Include TinyMCE configuration from plone control panel (unfinished) [frisi, petschki]

  • Raise minimum Products.CMFPlone requirement to 4.3.4 to ensure compatibility with jQuery 1.9+. jQuery 1.11.1 is included in recent mockup. [thet]

  • Always include CSS and JS SourceMap files. They are only loaded, when the browser’s developer console is open. Replaces previous behavior, where uninified (and broken) resources were loaded when mockup was installed, which was also an ugly implicit development mode behavior. [thet]

  • Use a mimetype selector for richtext areas, if multiple mimetypes are allowed. [thet]

  • Allow to remove a selected option in the select2 widget if the field is not required [frapell]

  • Test fixes. [thet]

  • add jsi18n integration [vangheem, kiorky]

1.7.0 (2014-07-15)

  • Remove configuration of’s start and end fields in the dx_bbb module. Requires >= 1.2, which does the widget configuration by itself. There is no point in using a previous version of together with [thet]

  • Store RelatedItems in correct order. [garbas]

1.6.0 (2014-04-20)

  • Add default_timezone widget attribute to the Dexterity DatetimeWidget. If used and set to a valid Olson DB/pytz timezone identifier or to an callback returning such, the datetime object returned by the widget will be localized to that timezone. This changes the timezone related behavior from version 1.4.0. [thet]

  • fix related items widget using getSource when it should use getVocabulary [davisagli]

1.5.0 (2014-03-05)

  • robot tests for SelectWidget [gforcada]

  • make tests pass for plone 5 [davisagli]

  • add more tests for richtext widget [amleczko]

  • fix querystring converter with empty input [davisagli]

  • add richtext widget support and remove Products.TinyMCE dependency [amleczko]

  • Add sphinx-based documentation. [tisto]

  • move the AT macros to a browser view [davisagli]

  • make the profile not do anything on plone 5, which already includes the widgets bundle in the plone bundle [davisagli]

  • Fix tests when portal_tinymce is missing. [jaroel]

  • Create robot tests for querystring widget [ale-rt]

  • Add DX tinymce test [jaroel]

  • Fix to import ROBOT_TEST_LEVEL from [datakurre]

  • RelatedItems widget: use a single selection for Choice fields [cillian]

  • add support for the tus resumable file upload protocol [vangheem]

  • handle unicode filenames for dexterity file uploads [vangheem]

  • just always default to using File objects for uploads that aren’t images. [vangheem]

1.4.0 (2013-11-24)

  • add firstDay option to DatetimeWidgets [thet]

  • removing (SiteRSSItemsFieldWidget and SearchBoxViewlet) [garbas]

  • For Archetypes DatetimeWidget, the value on pattern options is fixed, which was the time component missing. [thet]

  • Fix the date/time value in pattern options for Archetypes DatetimeWidget. [thet]

  • commenting out tinymce widget for the time being. will be back with next release. [garbas]

  • Add robot tests for datetime widget [David Erni]

  • fix saving dates in dexterity [vangheem]

  • rework of base widget code. we should now share more code between at and dx [garbas]

  • use ajax to grab query index options for querystring widget [vangheem]

  • rename ajaxvocabulary to ajaxVocabulary to match mockup [vangheem]

  • use select2 widget for ISiteSyndicationSettings [garbas]

  • select2 widget should support initvaluemap options OOTB [garbas]

  • adding SyndicatableFeedItems to the permitted vocabularies list [garbas]

  • fix VocabularyView to accept 1-based batch pages as per doc [djay]

  • Change the start and end date fields of Products.ATContentTypes ATEvent types to use [thet]

  • For Dexterity DatetimeWidgetConverter, when converting to the field value, try to localize the value, if the old value is a timezone aware datetime object. It uses the ‘timezone’ attribute on the widget’s context, if available, otherwise UTC. We do not use the tzinfo object in the first place, because it might already be converted from user’s input timezone to UTC, as it is the case with [thet]

  • Support query arguments for function based vocabularies. [thet]

1.3.3 (2013-09-11)

  • fix formlib uberselectionwidget override [vangheem]

  • SelectWidget fixes: support multiple-select; indicate the selected value. [davisagli]

  • Don’t include time in DateWidget. [davisagli]

  • Allow to define a different vocabulary view for select widget [do3c]

  • Don’t do double batching in select widget code [do3cc]

1.3.2 (2013-08-12)

  • Allow overriding with a custom vocabulary for Archetypes. [pbauer]

  • Reuse z3c.form SelectWidget’s logic for determing what items are available rather than recreating it incompletely. [davisagli]

  • Use normal widget templates for z3c.form widgets in hidden mode. [davisagli]

  • add formlib uber selection override for portlets [vangheem]

1.3.1 (2013-07-22)

  • handle not being installed [vangheem]

  • handle unicode data in widgets beter [vangheem]

1.3 (2013-07-21)

  • Additional set of widgets added and improved at Oshkosh and Bastille Sprint. [bunch of ppl]

  • Fix bug where empty select elements rendered as <select/> [davisagli]

  • Use normal widget templates for z3c.form widgets in display mode. [davisagli]

  • For Archetypes subject fields, use the field’s vocabulary_factory and fall back to ‘’ if it’s not present. [thet]

  • Conditional include of collection QueryStringWidget which expects [saily]

  • Restructure buildout to build an instance. [saily]

  • Add travis icon [saily]

  • Add german translation [saily]

  • Fields and widgets demo gallery added [miohtama]

0.2 (2013-03-04)

  • add support for dexterity content types as well. [garbas]

  • using select2 pattern instead of textext pattern for select/autocomplete elements. [garbas]

0.1 (2013-01-31)

  • initial release [garbas]

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