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OpenID authentication support for PAS

Project description

OpenID PAS support


This product implements OpenID_ authentication support for Zope_ via a
Pluggable Authentication Service plugin.

Using this package everyone with an OpenID authentity will be able to
login on your Zope site. OpenID accounts are not given any extra roles
beyond the standard Authenticated role. This allows you to make a distinction
between people that have explicitly signed up to your site and people
who are unknown but have succesfully verified their identity.

.. _Zope:
.. _OpenID:

Authentication flow

The OpenID authentication flow goes like this:

- user submits a OpenID identity (which is a URL) to you site. This is
done through a HTTP POST using a form variable called ``__ac_identity_url``
- the PAS plugin sees this variable during credential extraction and
initiates a OpenID challenge. This results in a transaction commit and
a redirect to an OpenID server.
- the OpenID server takes care of authenticating the user and redirect the
user back to the Zope site.
- the OpenID PAS plugin extracts the information passed in via the OpenID
server redirect and uses that in its authentication code to complete the
OpenID authentication

Session management

The PAS plugin only takes care of authenticating users. In almost all
environments it will be needed to also setup a session so users stay
logged in when they visit another page. This can be done via a special
session management PAS plugin, for example `plone.session`_.

.. _plone.session:

2.0 - 2010-07-18

* Package metadata cleanup and definition of all package dependencies.

* Relicense to BSD.
[Plone Foundation]

* Refactor tests to be simple python test cases. This removes
all dependencies on Plone code.

* Specify package dependencies.

* Handle the case where the handles for a given domain are empty but a
request for them is made anyway. This fixes

1.2 - 2008-08-19

* Fixed bug where you could not log in via OpenID, immediately log out,
and then immediately log in again.

* Upgraded to python-openid>=2.2.1 to fix handling of OpenID providers
that use identifier recycling. (c.f. This closes

* Use the OpenID "claimed identifier" so that the proper identity URL is
displayed when using delegation.

1.1 - 2008-04-21

* Writing test and fixes for bug #7176 whereby a traceback
was produced when an empty string identity was placed in the openid
login form.

* Do not enable OpenID support if python has no SSL support.

1.0.1 - 2007-11-09

* Also accept https URLs as valid identifiers. This fixes

1.0 - 2007-08-15

* First stable release

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