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asyncio transactional server to build REST API / Websocket with ZODB

Project description

WARNING: plone.server has been renamed to guillotina and moved to


Please read the detailed docs

This is the working project of the next generation plone server based on asyncio.

  • depends on python >= 3.5

Getting started with development

We use buildout of course:

virtualenv .
./bin/pip install zc.buildout

The buildout installs the app itself, code analysis tools, and a test runner.

Run the zeo

To run the zeo on a different terminal:

./bin/runzeo -C zeo.cfg

Run the server

  • By default it mounts a zeo server and a ZODB so you need the ZEO server running.

To run the server:


Run tests

We’re using py.test:

./bin/py.test src

and for test coverage:

./bin/py.test --cov=plone.server src/


Default root access can be done with AUTHORIZATION header : Basic root:root

1.0a16 (2017-05-04)

  • Fix memory leak in get_current_request [vangheem]

  • Be able to provide aiohttp_settings in config.json to configure parts of aiohttp application [vangheem]

1.0a15 (2017-04-24)

  • For aiohttp 2 compatibility fixes [vangheem]

1.0a14 (2017-04-22)

  • Fix aiohttp 2 compatibility [vangheem]

1.0a13 (2017-02-27)


  • Fix static file configuration [vangheem]

1.0a12 (2017-02-27)


  • HTML renderer can now handle html responses correctly [vangheem]

  • Renamed settingsForObject to settings_for_object [vangheem]

1.0a11 (2017-02-22)


  • Handle NotADirectoryError error when attempting to load b/w compat zcml [vangheem]

Breaking changes:

  • ACL is now in the object itself so the permission will not be maintained [ramonnb]

New features:

  • Executing pending tasks after requests has returned [ramonnb]

  • Adding the payload on the events that modifies the objects [ramonnb]

  • Defining local and global roles so they can be used to define @sharing On indexing security information we only get the AccessContent permission. [ramonnb]

  • Install addons can have the context [ramonnb]

  • Merging zope.securitypolicy [ramonnb]

  • Adding C optimization for get_current_request [ramonnb]

1.0a10 (2017-02-01)


  • Fix issue where correct aiohttp response would not be generated always [vangheem]

New features:

  • be able provide your own database factories by providing named utilities for the IDatabaseConfigurationFactory interface [vangheem]

  • install, uninstall methods for addon class can now be async [vangheem]

  • Support for newt.db [ramonnb]

  • Be able to define adapters, subscribers, permissions, roles, grant with decorators, not zcml [vangheem]

  • No more zcml in core [vangheem]

1.0a9 (2017-01-18)


  • Use zope.schema getter and setter to set attributes [ramonnb]

New features:

  • Be able to define addons using decorators, not zcml [vangheem]

  • Be able to define behaviors using decorators, not zcml [vangheem]

  • Be able to define content types using decorators, not zcml [vangheem]

  • Catalog reindex as async operation [ramonnb]

  • RelStorage Support (postgres) [ramonnb]

  • Adding HTTP Precondition exception [ramonnb]

  • New way to create services with decorators instead of zcml/json configuration [vangheem]

  • Add functionality like virtualhost monster to define the urls [ramonnb]

  • Add new pcreate command [vangheem]

  • Add new pmigrate command and migration framework [vangheem]

  • Provide base plone.server.commands.Command class to provide your own commands. Commands have been moved in code so you’ll need to re-run buildout to get pserver to work after this update. [vangheem]

  • Automatically give authenticated users new plone.Authenticated role [vangheem]

  • Handle error when deserializing content when not authenticated and checking permissions [vangheem]

  • add pshell command [vangheem]

  • Role member for Manager group [ramonnb]

Breaking changes:

  • plone:api zcml directive deprecated in favor of decorator variant [vangheem]

1.0a8 (2016-12-18)

  • On deserialization errors, provide error info on what fields could not be deserialized in the api response. [vangheem]

  • Be able to provide data from serializable exception data to be used with ErrorResponse objects with Exceptions that implement ISerializableException. [vangheem]

  • Add Events to enable audit of activity [ramonnb]

  • Add the JSON Field [ramonnb]

  • Fix various function naming standard issues to not use camel case. [vangheem]

  • Fix imports with isort. [gforcada]

  • remove local component registry [vangheem]

  • GET @search(plone.SearchContent) passed to search method and POST @search(plone.RawSearchContent) passed to query method on ICatalogUtility. GET is now meant to be query the search utility will do something clever with and POST is meant to be a raw query passed to utility [vangheem]

  • provide new plone.SearchContent, plone.RawSearchContent and plone.ManageCatalog permissions [vangheem]

  • provide IConstrainTypes adapter interface to override allowed types in a folder [vangheem]

  • provide dynamic behavior for objects [ramonnb]

  • provide basic command line utility to interact with APIs [vangheem]

  • fix fallback cors check [vangheem]

  • Added zope.event async version on (notify and async handlers) [ramonnb]

  • Improve code analysis, add configurations for it and remove all tabs. [gforcada]

1.0a7 (2016-11-24)

  • add jwt token validator [vangheem]

  • Add to finalize an AsyncUtil when its finishing the software [ramonnb]

  • Remove AUTH_USER_PLUGINS and AUTH_EXTRACTION_PLUGINS. Authentication now consists of auth extractors, user identifiers and token validators. [vangheem]

  • Correctly check parent object for allowed addable types [vangheem]

  • Get default values from schema when attribute on object is not set [ramonnb]

1.0a6 (2016-11-21)

  • Move authorization to after traversal [vangheem]

  • Fix issue where you could not save data with the API [vangheem]

1.0a5 (2016-11-21)

  • Adding zope.event compatible async handlers for ElasticSearch and other events handlers [@bloodbare]

  • Adding PostCommit and PreCommit Hooks that can be async operations [@bloodbare]

1.0a4 (2016-11-19)

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