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Intranet suite for Plone

Project description

Plone Intranet

Plone Intranet is the community edition of the Quaive digital workplace and social intranet platform, built on top of Plone - the ultimate open source enterprise CMS.

For more info about this product and how it is used, see our website at

Full community edition developer documentation is available at

Please request a free demo if you want to learn more about what our software can do.


Experienced Plone developers can set up the system by following the documented installation procedure.

If you run into any issues, get in touch with the development team via the developer mailing list.

Note that this is an open source community edition release - you’re expected to bring your own expertise and effort to complement ours.

If you’d rather have a Quaive expert install and manage the system for you, contact one of our partners to contract support. This also gives you access to the enterprise edition, which has more features than the community edition.

See our blog and our Twitter stream or Facebook page for the latest status.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


1.0.1 (2016-06-21)

  • Update changelog and prepare release 1.0.1 [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Backport Gaia manifest to Venus [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Update docs version to upcoming 1.0.1 point release [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Merge branch ‘community-master’ into release-1.0.x [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Update documentation in preparation for new community release. [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Revert “update docs on board mailinglist” [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • update version [Alexander Pilz]

  • update docs on board mailinglist [Alexander Pilz]

  • add hotfix Products.PloneHotfix20160419==1.0 [Claudio Kirchhoff]

1.0.0 (2016-02-29)

  • Prepare release 1.0.0 [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Merge pull request #7 from quaive/Plone5.0.2 [Alexander Pilz]

  • build status [Alexander Pilz]

  • badge [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge branch ‘master’ into Plone5.0.2 [Alexander Pilz]

  • remove unnecessary extra login [Alexander Pilz]

  • add another wait to fix test [Alexander Pilz]

  • fixing the select issue also for tags [Alexander Pilz]

  • more robustness for robot tests [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • forgot to switch this test back to Firefox [Alexander Pilz]

  • template fix to make the FF fix also apply to the stream user picker [Alexander Pilz]

  • change diazo rule which would copy meta from plone into theme twice [Alexander Pilz]

  • Switch back to Firefox. Chrome has issues not terminating in tests [Alexander Pilz]

  • include FF fix for #209 that changed member picker behaviour [Alexander Pilz]

  • Even more “wait until element is visible” statements to make robot tests more reliable [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • attempt to make some robot tests even more robust [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • make sure that after clicking the link to open the “Functions” menu, we wait until said menu is actually loaded before we attempt to interact with it [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • Revert “Another test that uploads files” [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • try to get rid of chromium test failure “path is not canonical” See [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • Revert “Firefox for posting files” [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • Another test that uploads files [Alexander Pilz]

  • Firefox for posting files [Alexander Pilz]

  • testfix [Alexander Pilz]

  • forgot one to move to chrome [Alexander Pilz]

  • move to chrome webdriver [Alexander Pilz]

  • Fix robot test speed issue [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • switch to chromedriver [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Try chromedriver [Alexander Pilz]

  • Make robot tests more robust for very quick processors [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • Attempt to not log warnings in jenkins [Alexander Pilz]

  • Refactor the “tagging” tests to get rid of test isolaton problems [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • properly close the item created notification to not hide the changed one [Alexander Pilz]

  • list all test failures [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • template fixes [Alexander Pilz]

  • new selenium and robot libs [Alexander Pilz]

  • dedicated test away from the common 8080 for jenkins [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #10 from quaive/sidebar-fixes [Guido Stevens]

  • no more quaive, long live plone intranet [Alexander Pilz]

  • This fixes styling errors in the sidebar where tags breaking in two lines were cut off, the creator wasn’t shown if it had no name and the folders weren’t represented as in proto [Alexander Pilz]

  • remove duplicate [Philip Bauer]

  • bump dependencies that seem safe to update [Philip Bauer]

  • add plone.versioncheck and update ignores [Philip Bauer]

  • update to Plone 5.0.2 [Philip Bauer]

  • Merge pull request #8 from quaive/also-regenerate-previews-in-cms [Guido Stevens]

  • Also regenerate previews when file object is changed in cms [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #6 from quaive/c2q_20160212 [Alexander Pilz]

  • ignore /lib/ not ./lib/ see [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Merge branch ‘community-master’ into c2q_20160212 [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • update docker Makefile [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Merge pull request #5 from quaive/import-avatars [Alexander Pilz]

  • port avatar import utility view from ikath [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Merge pull request #886 from ploneintranet/maurits-sort-contributors [Wolfgang Thomas]

  • Sorted contributors. Keep the Matts together. :-) [Maurits van Rees]

  • Nuked trailing white space from CONTRIBUTORS.rst. [Maurits van Rees]

  • Merge pull request #4 from quaive/stream-following [Alessandro Pisa]

  • add robot coverage on stream filtering [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • show filter menu only on dashboard (not workspace or profile streams) [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • base implementation of stream explore/following switch [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • add .dockerignore speedup and wily host fixes [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Merge pull request #885 from ploneintranet/fix-workspace-tests-872 [Alexander Pilz]

  • Fix workspace tile tests [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Workspace tests now rely on [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Merge pull request #871 from ploneintranet/power-search-library [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #872 from ploneintranet/solr-for-workspaces [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #877 from ploneintranet/only-update-specified-fields [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #882 from ploneintranet/search-partial-updates-workaround [Alexander Pilz]

  • Workaround for scorched’s lack of support for partial updates. [Matt Russell]

  • fix broken test [Claudio Kirchhoff]

  • fix broken test in workspace.robot [Claudio Kirchhoff]

  • ignore ./lib instead of just lib [Claudio Kirchhoff]

  • fix bronken tests [Claudio Kirchhoff]

  • dexterity_update: only update fields in request.form [Cillian de Róiste]

  • Merge pull request #865 from ploneintranet/853-comment-ordering-fix [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Update tests as comments are rendered in reverse by default [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • also don’t fetch object here [Alexander Pilz]

  • Actually reindex every time, we are creating. Otherwise adding a workspace with title only would not get it indexed. [Alexander Pilz]

  • don’t batch on workspaces overview. We have the search here [Alexander Pilz]

  • Change workspace overview to use solr [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #861 from ploneintranet/power-search [Guido Stevens]

  • Sort tag views abc fixes #862. NB users may not see the sort because of the masonry layout. [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Switch to specific keyword arguments in library search [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Apply the tags faceting correctly [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • enable power search for library tags view WIP [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Merge pull request #869 from ploneintranet/search-spelling-truncation-fix [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Fixes #852. [Matt Russell]

  • Consume generator and reverse reults [Ben Cole]

  • Remove “reverse” argument from lonkeysortreverse [Ben Cole]

  • Add missing OS-level bcrypt predependency [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • Implements request in #629 [Matt Russell]

  • Merge pull request #860 from ploneintranet/848-clickable-preview-and-attachment-title [Adam Forsythe-Cheasley]

  • Make preview image and attachment title clickable [Ben Cole]

  • Merge pull request #813 from ploneintranet/fix-case-creation-date [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Merge pull request #809 from ploneintranet/fix-mimetype-empty [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Merge pull request #838 from ploneintranet/590-older-items [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Merge pull request #821 from ploneintranet/userprofile-fixes [Alexander Pilz]

  • Bio and job title are optional [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Changed msgid [Alessandro Pisa]

  • Merge pull request #834 from witekdev/master [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Update quickstart.rst [witek]

  • Map custom user edit page to the pi.theme [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Merge pull request #830 from ploneintranet/translate-follow-button-titles [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #822 from ploneintranet/image-picker [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #826 from ploneintranet/unicode-tag-search [Alexander Pilz]

  • Merge pull request #825 from ploneintranet/translate-notifications [Alexander Pilz]

  • Fix title test [Alexander Pilz]

  • toggle_follow: add translation for button titles [Cillian de Róiste]

  • Merge branch ‘master’ into image-picker [Alexander Pilz]

  • Fix another robot path bug due to markup update. [JC Brand]

  • Merge pull request #827 from ploneintranet/remove-pat-validate [Alexander Pilz]

  • Small CSS tweak to work around webkit bug. [JC Brand]

  • Updated JS bundle. Completely removes pat-validate and parsley [JC Brand]

  • Fix element path after markup update (due to proto). [JC Brand]

  • Robot fix after markup has been changed (due to proto). [JC Brand]

  • Updated JS bundle. Contains a parser fix. [JC Brand]

  • Search: fix unicode tag filter [Cillian de Róiste]

  • Updated bundle. Fixes inject bug. [JC Brand]

  • Fix hanging indent. [JC Brand]

  • Ran make diazo to update the static files. [JC Brand]

  • Update markup to look like proto [JC Brand]

  • Update markup. [JC Brand]

  • Updated JS bundle [JC Brand]

  • Add a new view @@panel-image-picker used by Raptor. [JC Brand]

  • Update pat-raptor markup to match proto. [JC Brand]

  • Translate notifications for content modification [Cillian de Róiste]

  • Explicit test for password storage [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Move global members group handling to a subscriber [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Make sure we set passwords via the behaviour [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Enforce bcrypt passwords (using >=1.1.0 of dexterity.membrane) [Matthew Sital-Singh]

  • Merge pull request #817 from ploneintranet/event-add-form [Alexander Pilz]

  • use pat-validation, not pat-validate [Cillian de Róiste]

  • event-add-form: update robot keywords [Cillian de Róiste]

  • add_event: sync with proto, add i18nattrs, fix title validation [Cillian de Róiste]

  • Case bugfix: set the creation_date to now() [Cillian de Róiste]

  • make sure we never return an empty mimetype. Guessmimetype doesn’t return a default [Alexander Pilz]

1.0b1 (2015-10-02)

Public beta testing release of Venus, our first production release cycle. 49 contributors, ~6800 commits, 835 tests, 87% test coverage.

0.1 (2015-06-01)

Mercury Technology Preview release. 49 contributors, 4581 commits, 520 tests, 89% test coverage.

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