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This package provides views for plonesocial.microblog status updates and other user activities in Plone

Project description


Plonesocial.activitystream is part of the plonesocial suite.

This package, plonesocial.activitystream, provides a building block for Plone integrators who want to create a custom social business solution in Plone.

If you’re an end-user looking for a pre-integrated solution, you should install plonesocial.suite instead.



This package is maintained by Cosent.


Plonesocial.activitystream provides a standalone @@stream view on the SiteRoot. If you have installed as well, and hit @@stream/network it will show only updates of people you’re following.

A navigation bar is provided which detects the presence of, as well as local workspaces that provide a local microblog, and displays nagivation options suitable for the context.

Plonesocial.activitystream also provides an “Activity Portal” view for the SiteRoot. The Activity Portal view renders a portletmanager viewlet in which you can add an “Activity Stream” portlet (and also a “Microblog” portlet if you installed plonesocial.microblog. This may look like a complex construct but it provides integrators with easy customization flex points, and it provides content managers with maximal control over what is rendered where, and in which sequence. Moreover by using a portlet for rendering, content managers can set various rendering options. You can re-use the viewlet, or the portlet, as you see fit using ZCML overrides. YMMV.

The core rendering component, which is used by all views, is the stream_provider content provider. Extracting the display logic to a separate content provider promotes re-use. activitystream_provider fetches plonesocial.microblog updates, if microblog is installed. It merges those with content creations and replies fetched from ZCatalog. If is installed, it will filter the activity stream by “following” subscription.

To enable loose coupling, plonesocial.activitystream does not depend on plonesocial.microblog or Instead, it probes if those components are installed and available, or not. Depending on the availability of those other plonesocial components, plonesocial.activitystream adapts its behavior.

Plonesocial.activitystream looks nicer if you also install plonesocial.theme.


An extensive roadmap for the plonesocial suite is available on github.


  • Guido Stevens, Author

  • Maurits van Rees

  • Leonardo J. Caballero G.

  • Thomas Desvenain

  • Hector Velarde


0.5.6 (2014-03-11)

  • Bind browserviews to INavigationRoot instead of ISiteRoot [gyst]

  • Package distribution was fixed by adding classifiers, dependencies and fixing license version number as GPLv2; a file was also added. [hvelarde]

  • Brazilian Portuguese translation was added. [hvelarde]

0.5.5 (2013-07-31)

  • fix navigation template base url [gyst]

0.5.4 (2013-07-31)

  • fix invalid zpt view action logic [gyst]

0.5.3 (2013-07-31)

  • Fixed activity stream rendering when a user has been removed [thomasdesvenain]

  • Activity stream links check we use view action for content to avoid direct download. [thomasdesvenain]

0.5.2 (2013-07-08)

  • bump version, 0.5.0/0.5.1 sequence got mixed up by pypi upload problems [gyst]

0.5.0 (2013-07-04)

  • update docs [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • tag urls should be global [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • finish IMicroblogContext implementation [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • make active tab check more robust [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • refactor Explore / My network traversal - default to Explore even if is installed - removes inconsistency between configs - makes following home portal link to @@stream actually show a stream when coldstarting; [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • adapt navigation to presence of [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • support highlighting of current view in navigation [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • consolidate optional imports into integration [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • move navigationbar from plonesocial.suite to plonesocial.activitystream [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • enable stream view on local microblog contexts [Guido A.J. Stevens]

  • filter on users OR microblog context, not both [Guido Stevens]

  • pep8 [Guido Stevens]

  • fix message folder [tdesvenain]

  • french translation [tdesvenain]

  • symlink is back [tdesvenain]

  • filtering on microblog context works with new API [tdesvenain]

  • update changelog [Guido Stevens]

  • Don’t traceback on missing tag spec, fixes plonesocial.microblog#8 [Guido Stevens]

  • If the stream is displayed in a microblog context, filter activity stream on activities within this context. [tdesvenain]

0.4.3 (2013-04-29)

  • pep8 [Guido Stevens]

  • tag view should not filter on network [gyst]

  • Plone 4.3 compatibility [thomasdesvenain]

  • Dutch translation [maartenkling]

0.4.2 (2012-11-26)

  • update changelog, release

  • update travis config to new buildout [gyst]

  • provide a virtualenv-enabled Travis buildout that can be debugged on a dev box [gyst]

  • ignore dist [gyst]

  • Added i18n support for portlets register [macagua]

  • Updated contributors file and sync i18n script with plone domain, added i18n support for Generic Setup register Profiles [macagua]

  • Updated contributors file and sync i18n script with plone domain, added i18n support for Generic Setup register Profile [macagua]

  • Added i18n sync script [macagua]

  • Added Manual POT template [macagua]

  • Added Spanish l10n [macagua]

  • Added more improvements about i18n support [macagua]

  • Updated changelog [macagua]

  • pep8/pyflakes [hvelarde]

  • update Travis CI configuration to include pep8/pyflakes testing [hvelarde]

  • update location of extended configuration as the plonetest repo was moved to GitHub [hvelarde]

  • update list of ignored objects [hvelarde]

  • no hard dependencies, have conditional integration now [gyst]

  • bump version [gyst]

  • symlink README.txt to mute dist warnings [gyst]

  • update docs [gyst]

  • Use conditional adaptation to avoid hard microblog dependency [gyst]

  • cleanup buildout [gyst]

  • add missing required packages [hvelarde]

  • add Travis CI configuration [hvelarde]

  • document discussion bug [gyst]

0.4.1 (2012-10-09)

  • merge: enable filters on @@stream [gyst]

0.4 (2012-10-09)

  • update docs [gyst]

  • fix dependency [gyst]

  • reindent for better pep8 [gyst]

  • more styling [gyst]

  • catch unresolvable brains [gyst]

  • tune styling [gyst]

  • document mentions todo [gyst]

  • integrate microblog status form into @@stream [gyst]

  • refactor and protect against errors on microblog uninstall [gyst]

  • provide tag and userid filters API on stream_provider [gyst]

  • provide consistency with @@profile [gyst]

  • implement tag view as traversal, not getarg [gyst]

  • GS name [gyst]

  • extract activity stream rendering to a reusable provider [gyst]

  • provide standalone @@stream view and @@stream_provider (noop for now) [gyst]

  • rename activity_contentprovider -> activity_provider [gyst]

  • encapsulate the portlet-manager-viewlet based activitystream_portal view [gyst]

  • expose and filter on hashtags [gyst]

  • show content tags [gyst]

  • bump version [gyst]

0.3.3 (2012-08-13)

  • arghh. Date is not a DateTime. Sort on max(effective, modified) instead. Refs #1. [gyst]

0.3.2 (2012-08-13)

  • sort on Date, fixes #1: effective 1-1-1000 sorting bug [gyst]

0.3.1 (2012-05-29)

  • fix i18n regression [gyst]

0.3 (2012-05-21)

  • update changelog, readme [gyst]

  • use defined accesscontrol, fix portletmanager rename [gyst]

  • simplify package layout [gyst]

  • extract activity rendering into contentprovider/adapter [gyst]

  • activity type filters [gyst]

  • adapterize activity stream data structures [gyst]

  • tune i18n [gyst]

  • switch from annotationstorage to a utility [gyst]

  • move separate ZODB shard documentation to plonesocial.microblog [gyst]

  • clean up view logic [gyst]

  • credit Maurits [gyst]

  • refactored storage backend [gyst]

  • extract content model to plonesocial.microblog [gyst]

  • enable fake data insertion / fix date bug [gyst]

  • Added Poi response-like Activities. [maurits]

  • Some sample code for using an extra ZODB. [maurits]

  • bump version [gyst]

0.2 (2012-05-04)

  • update doc [gyst]

  • rename primary view in anticipation of other views in the future [gyst]

  • make portlet automatically assignable [gyst]

  • get rid of src dir indirection [gyst]

  • delegate commentActions translations to p.a.d. [gyst]

  • provide i18n for nl [gyst]

  • sort on effective; fix date bug; tune styling [gyst]

  • force inner aquisition to be safe [gyst]

  • pixeltune [gyst]

  • tune css [gyst]

  • restrict activitystream viewlet to activitystream view, and update doc [gyst]

  • backport manageportlets link [gyst]

  • Revert “extracted standalone stream view to plonesocial.suite” [gyst]

  • sort on created not modified [gyst]

  • provide “compact” rendering option [gyst]

  • tune doc [gyst]

  • update documentation [gyst]

  • add basic CSS [gyst]

  • prototype implementation of activitystream [gyst]

  • rename portletmanager viewlet [gyst]

  • provide activitystream portlet [gyst]

  • extracted standalone stream view to plonesocial.suite [gyst]

  • wrap the portletmanager within the viewlet, register on SiteRoot only [gyst]

  • add portletmanager [gyst]

  • (empty) activity stream view for homepage [gyst]

0.1dev (unreleased)

  • initial checkin from ZopeSkel [gyst]

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