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tool to plot live serial input

Project description


plot-cat is the python library for plotting live serial input. plotcat works on python 2.7 and later. plotcat comes handy when you want to plot live data that is coming form different sensors over the serial port. For example you have to plot the output of a temperature sensor that is coming from an arduino or any other microcontroller for that matter; plotcat comes handy for such tasks.

plotcat sits on the top of matplotlib and does all the initialization and drawing stuff itself. you just have to provide the list of values to be plotted.

plotcat works on linux osx and windows. plotcat also works well with Raspberry Pi

install plotcat

git clone

pip install -r requirements.txt

python install install


To plot the incomming input from serial device directly.

Assuming there is one value on one line in the serial input, ie. the format of the serial input is roughly like: val r n

python -d /dev/tty<device> -b baudrate

detailed useage of

plot-cat api

To use plot-cat api.

import serial
from plotcat import *

p = plotter()

#init serial device
ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyAMA0', 9600)

#the callback function for plotting
def update_plot():

    data = [ser.readline() for i in range(100)]
    p.lines[0][0].set_data(p.currentAxis, data)


this is the example to recive the data from arduino (given in the example->communication->SerialEvent of the arduino IDE.)

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