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Python dictionaries support for Plover

Project description

Plover Python dictionary

Add support for Python dictionaries to Plover.


A Python dictionary is simply a single UTF-8 source file with the following API:

# Length of the longest supported key (number of strokes).

# Lookup function: return the translation for <key> (a tuple of strokes)
# or raise KeyError if no translation is available/possible.
def lookup(key):
    assert len(key) <= LONGEST_KEY
    raise KeyError

# Optional: return an array of stroke tuples that would translate back
# to <text> (an empty array if not possible).
def reverse_lookup(text):
    return []

For example save the following code to

Note: make sure the file encoding is UTF-8!



def lookup(key):
    assert len(key) <= LONGEST_KEY, '%d/%d' % (len(key), LONGEST_KEY)
    if SHOW_STROKE_STENO != key[0]:
        raise KeyError
    if len(key) == 1:
        return ' '
    return key[1]

Then add it to your dictionaries stack as you would a normal dictionary.

Now, if you stroke STR*, then the next stroke will be shown verbatim (untranslated), e.g. -T STROEBG TP-R KW-GS STROEBG KR-GS S STR* STROEBG outputs: the stroke for "stroke" is STROEBG.

Release history


  • fix type checks for lookup and reverse_lookup: allow bound methods and functors
  • fix reverse_lookup implementation: return a set.
  • fix __getitem__ / get implementations: when the key length is out of bounds
  • fix __contains__ implementation
  • fix __delitem__ / __setitem__ implementations: raise the correct exception type


  • fix possible encoding issue when loading a dictionary: from now on, assume and force UTF-8


  • update changelog...


  • drop support for Python < 3.6
  • fix use of deprecated imp module
  • rework tests to use plover_build_utils.testing
  • use PEP 517/518


  • fix ./ test handling
  • fix default implementation of reverse_lookup to return a list (not a tuple)


  • update to Plover's latest API

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