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Paylogic Toolkit

Project description

pltk: Paylogic toolkit

The ``pltk`` package is a collection of useful tools for frameworks and other tools. At the moment there's only one
set of them - flask related tools.

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pip install pltk


Package contains several utility modules. We will describe them one by one.

Useful Flask commands

.. code-block:: python

from pltk import commands
commands.install_commands(app, manager, db, model_collector)

then your app will have such additional commands:

Run a test as monitor command.
Example usage::

$ app monitor_test \
-T app.tests.test_utils:TestView \
-H -P 443 -R /unstable -S https

Run Python shell with application context.

Run database shell.

Run HTTP emulating console.
- POST /foo/bar list=[1,2,3,4]
- POST /user/login password=p
- GET /user/profile
- header Authorization 1232123123

Print all current Flask Settings.

Create an ami from the current server and pushes its contents to s3.

Update the gettext messages.pot file and initialize the supported languages (if not already)
and compile the messages to .mo files.
This command assumes it is executed from the root of the project and stores translations into a folder
'translations' inside the same location. It also assumes there is a 'babel.cfg' file and lazy_gettext
is used next to general gettext methods.

If you want to add a new language, add it to app.config['SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES'] and run this command.

Rate limiting

.. code-block:: python

from pltk import limit

@limit.rate(limit=300, per=60 * 15)
def index():
return '<h1>This is a rate limited response</h1>'

This would limit the function to be called 300 times per 15 minutes.

Before the function is executed it increments the rate limit with the help of the RateLimit class and stores an
instance of it on g as g._view_rate_limit. Also if the view is indeed over limit we automatically call a different
function instead.

The view function itself can get hold of the current rate limit by calling ::


We also give the key extra expiration_window seconds time to expire in redis so that badly synchronized clocks between
the workers and the redis server do not cause problems. Furthermore we use a pipeline (uses MULTI behind the scenes)
to make sure that we never increment a key without also setting the key expiration in case an exception happens between
those lines (for instance if the process is killed).

Setup locale

.. code-block:: python

from pltk import locale
locale.setup_locale(babel, app):

Setup locale selector for given app. This will set up straitforward locale selector based on babel's request locale
best_match mechanizm.

Monitor command

.. code-block:: python

from pltk import monitor_command
monitor_command.main('tests.some.test', 'localhost', 'http', '8080', 'app'):

Script for running a regular nose test which uses the Werkzeug test client as a
monitoring command against any remote server.

Redis wrapper

.. code-block:: python

from pltk import redis_wrapper
redis = redis_wrapper.Redis(app)
redis.set('some', 'value')

Module for Redis operations. Holds the Redis Flask wrapper. All you need is the app instance to create it.
It gets all setting from the application. You don't have to pass them manually.

Base test case

.. code-block:: python

from pltk import tests

class MyTestCase(tests.TestCase):

def test_something(self):
response = self.get(self, '/foo', auth=False)
self.assertTrue('test' in response.content)

Useful Flask base test case.


.. code-block:: python

from pltk import view

def authorize(token):
"""We implement own authorize callback."""
return token == 'ok'

# then monkey patch it to the view module
view.authorize = authorize

class MyView(View):
def get(self, query):
"""If request headers have json in ACCEPT. This result of a function will be encoded to json."""
return {'result': [1, 2, 3]}


If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. please create an issue on the
`GitHub project page <>`_.


This software is licensed under the `MIT license <>`_

See `<LICENSE.txt>`_

© 2013 Paylogic International.



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