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Plugen is a pluggable static website generator designed to make building static websites fast, flexible, and easy. With its modular architecture, Plugen allows you to extend and customize its functionality through plugins, making it a versatile tool for creating a wide range of static websites.


  • Modularity: Plugen is built on a modular architecture that enables the use of plugins. You can easily extend its functionality by installing and configuring plugins tailored to your specific needs.

  • Flexible Templating: Plugen supports various templating engines, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences or requirements. You can use popular templating engines like Handlebars, Jinja, or even create your own.

  • Asset Management: Easily manage your website's assets, including stylesheets, JavaScript files, images, and more. Plugen provides asset bundling and minification to optimize your site's performance.

  • Markdown Support: Write your content in Markdown and let Plugen convert it into HTML automatically. Markdown makes it easy to write structured content without the need for complex HTML markup.

  • Theme Support: Plugen provides a theming system that allows you to apply pre-built themes to your website or create your own. Themes define the overall look and feel of your site, including layout, typography, and color schemes.

  • SEO Optimization: Plugen includes features to help optimize your website for search engines. You can define metadata, such as title tags and meta descriptions, for each page to improve search engine visibility.

  • Command-Line Interface (CLI): Plugen comes with a powerful CLI that provides a simple and intuitive way to generate your static website. Use commands like plugen build to generate your site or plugen serve to preview it locally during development.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started with Plugen:

  1. Installation: Install Plugen globally using pipx:

    $ pipx install plugen

    Then, on any folder, run the following command to set up a configuration file

    $ plugen init
  2. Build your website: Run the following command to generate your static website:

    $ plugen build
  3. Serve your website: To preview your website locally, use the following command:

    $ plugen serve

    This will start a local development server, and you can access your website at http://localhost:3000.

  4. Customize and extend: Explore Plugen's plugin ecosystem and customize your website further to meet your specific requirements. Visit the Plugen documentation for more details.

Additional documentation

If you need more help, feel free to check out:

  • : Technical documentation, and configuration of the plugin files
  • : A guide on how to develop your own plugins


Contributions are welcome! If you find a bug, have a feature request, or want to contribute improvements or new plugins to Plugen, please create an issue or submit a pull request on the GitHub repository.

Before submitting a pull request, please make sure to review the contribution guidelines.


Plugen is released under the MIT License. Feel free to use, modify, and distribute it as per the terms of the license.


We would like to thank all the contributors who have helped make Plugen better.


If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to the Plugen community on our Discord server or by opening an issue on the GitHub repository.

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