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Pluggdapps component system, web framework

Project description

Pluggdapps is a component system in python that can’t get any simpler. A meta framework providing a platform to define interfaces and implement plugins. It comes with a configuration system, web-framework, scaffold, command-line script and much more …

Pluggdapps web framework, when used with tayra template language, provide a plugin system that cut across MVC design pattern. Web-apps can be developed, packaged and distributed as plugins. To use the web framework supplied with pluggdapps you will have to install the latest version of tayra and tayrakit egg packages.

Pluggdapps core-modules are stable, though other parts like web framework, scaffolding are under development - you can hack the code, contribute back with github.


  • simple plugin system based on interface specification.

  • a platform to develop, package and distribute interfaces and plugins.

  • extend the platform to populate additional context for plugin objects.

  • an awesome configuration system.

    • configuration can be done with one or more .ini files.

    • browser based configuration that can be persisted in a backend store.

    • pluggable backend store for web-based configuration. Uses sqlite3 as default backend.

  • command line script for administration / testing,

    • sub-command to list matching views for application(s).

    • sub-command to execute unit test-cases.

    • sub-command to start web-server.

    • implement new sub-commands, outside pluggdapps package, as plugins.

  • define framework by specifying interfaces. Implement them as pluggable components.

  • web application framework.

    • web framework, when used with tayra template language, provide a plugin system that cut across MVC design pattern.

    • framework is define by a set of interface specification and implemented as pluggable components.

    • configure the framework or even replace parts of it.

    • host hundreds of web-application in the same environment by configuring mount-points similar to apache virtual-hosts.

    • application can generate urls for other hosted applications.

    • native web server using epoll.

    • automatic server-restart when project files are modified, useful in development mode.

  • package and distribute plugins as .egg files.

  • documentation. Every aspect of pluggdapps is adequately documented. Although it might be a little difficult for beginners, it is fairly accessible for those who are comfortable with python and web-development.

  • License: GPLv3 license.

  • Requires: Linux, Python-3.x.

  • Status: Core design stable. Not expected to change.

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