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Python wrapper for PluralKit's API.

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Python wrapper for PluralKit's API.


Python 3.6 or higher is required.

# linux/macOS
python3 -m pip install -U pluralkit

# windows
py -3 -m pip install -U pluralkit

Quick examples

Provided a system's authorization token, the examples below print the system description and list the system's members.

Async usage was created with in mind, and so the default implementation is asynchronous.

from pluralkit import Client
import asyncio

pk = Client("token") # your token here

async def main():
   system = await pk.get_system()

   members = pk.get_members()
   async for member in members:
      print(f"{} (`{}`)")

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

Synchronous usage

Blocking execution may be specified with the client argument async_mode=False.

from pluralkit import Client

pk = Client("token", async_mode=False)

system = pk.get_system()

members = pk.get_members()
for member in members:
   print(f"{} (`{}`)")


The client can be used without one's PluralKit authorization token, but it's required for editing one's system or members or for accessing one's private system or member info.

Contributors ✨

Thanks to these wonderful people (emoji key) and users in the Discord who actively supported development:





Ashton Power


System in a Box





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