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CLI utility for performing task Makefile-like

Project description


This package tries to provide a solution for build softwares in a platform independent manner. It tries to loosely mimick the objective of Makefile, but with a python syntax. Makefiles are known to have complex syntax as well as several pitfalls. They are also clunky to work with, Pmakeup aims to provide a pythonic environment (which is much easier to work with) in order to perform operation on the local system, usually for compiling stuff or for setupping your system. The project aims to give you the ability of executing commands without giving you too many troubles.

To help the developer in commons tasks, Pmakeup provides several built-in commands to perform common tasks (like copying files, read content and execute system commands).

An important Security disclaimer

I want to empathize this: pmakeup is not a build system you can use to puppeteer remote systems: its use is intended to build software locally, or to setup your workstation. In no means pmakeup project provides adequate level of security to support remote puppeteering. In order to avoid being in you way, you can actually call script by injecting your root password as plain text. This is by design, since on your worksation, it is assumed you have full control (as a developer anyway). However, transmitting password in plain text is a huge security hole. Hence this project should not be used for puppetteering.

For the user

You can install the software via:

pip install pmakeup

Admin privileges may be required. To show all the options you can exploit, use

pmakeup --help

As a simple, ultra minimalistic example, create a file called and past the following:

echo("Hello world!", foreground="blue")

The PMakeupfile is actually just a python script, so you can do anything in it! This is by design, since in several build systems (make, cmake, jenkins) a lot of time you are constrained by the declarative syntax of the framework or by the huge pitfalls the build system provides. pmakeup tries not to be in your way: it gives you freedom.

You can use targets, pretty much as in the Makefile, albeit the syntax is quite different:

def clean():
    echo(f"Cleaning!!!!", foreground="blue")

def build():
    echo(f"Build!", foreground="blue")

    This string will be printed if you do `pmakeup --info`. Use this
    to give to the enduser information about how to use this makefile! :) 
    description="Clean all folders that are automatically generated",
    description="Build your app",

# necessary

Then, call in the same directory:

pmakeup build

The application will first invoke clean and then build functions.


To see the online documentation, please see here

Repo structure

  • plugins: contains a set of folder where pmakeup plugins I have made are placed
  • pmakeup: main source pmakeup code repository
  • tests: tests for pmakeup project
  • docs: source code of the documentation of pmakeup
  • images: some images in pmakeup
  • examples: contains some examples to let you start in writing pmakeup scripts
  • script allowing you to build and upload to pypi pmakeup code

For the developer

This section is useful for the contributors.

Installing with setuptools

You can build the pacakge via:

sudo pip install pyinstaller wheel setupttols sphinx
git clone
cd pmakeup
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python bdist_wheel

To installing on a system (ensure you are not in venv!):

source venv/bin/activate
python bdist_wheel
# get latest wheel file in dist\
pip install dist\*.whl

Note that after installation, pmakeup.exe (or pmakeup) will be automatically installed in %PYTHONPATH%/Scripts (or available in the PATH)

to show a comprehensive help, with all the commands available to you.

Using pmakeup to build pmakeup

Assuming you have a version of pmakeup installed on your system, you can use pmakeup to build pmakeup.

pmakeup update-version-minor build upload-to-pypi

You will need to create TWINE_PYPI_PASSWORD containig your twine password to upload

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