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rearrange letters to form new words

Project description


pip install pnu-anagram



anagram - rearrange letters to form new words


anagram [-d|--dictionary pathname] [-f|--files] [-l|--length numbers] [--debug] [--help|-?] [--version] [--] [letters]


The anagram utility rearranges the given letters to form as many words (anagrams) as possible.

Standard input is read if no letters are provided on the command line.

The -l|--length option can be used to form words of selected size with the letters provided.

The -f|--files option can help you select a dictionary.


Options Use
-d--dictionary pathname Use this dictionary pathname if you don't want the default dictionary
-f|--files Print possible dictionary files in the DICTPATH
-l|--length numbers Specify anagrams lengths if you want intermediate sizes. numbers is a number or a comma separated list of numbers or dash separated number intervals
--debug Enable debug mode
--help|-? Print usage and a short help message and exit
--version Print version and exit
-- Options processing terminator


The ANAGRAM_DEBUG environment variable can also be set to any value to enable debug mode.

The DICTPATH environment variable is the search path for the dictionary files. It is a colon-separated list of directories in which anagram looks for a words dictionary file. If not set it will default to /usr/share/dict:/usr/local/share/dict. Under a Posix system, $HOME/.local/share/dict will also be added to the default, while %HOMEPATH%/appdata/roaming/python/share/dict:%HOMEPATH%/appdata/local/programs/python/pythonXX/share/dict will be added under a Windows system.

The ANAGRAM_DICT environment variable provides a way to avoid specifying an alternate directory on each command line.


/usr/share/dict/words is the default (English) dictionary on a BSD operating system.

Some French dictionaries are also installed as a dependency.


The anagram utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


To solve a Wordscapes (French) level where the available letters are ABCDEFG, I use a command like:

$ export ANAGRAM_DICT=/usr/local/share/dict/dict-fr-Wordscapes
$ anagram -l 3-7 abcdefg

Other dictionaries are also available. For example:

$ export ANAGRAM_DICT=/usr/local/share/dict/dict-fr-ABU-mots_communs.ascii
$ export ANAGRAM_DICT=/usr/local/share/dict/dict-fr-AU-DELA-common-words.ascii




The anagram utility is not a standard UNIX command.

This utility tries to follow the PEP 8 style guide for Python code.


Tested OK under Windows.


This utility was made for the PNU project in order to help my wife play Wordscapes when she was stuck on a level.


It is available under the 3-clause BSD license.


Hubert Tournier


An English dictionary should be packaged for operating systems that are not providing one.

Searching only for a words link to one of the directories in the DICTPATH is too limitated.

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