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Tag your pocket articles from automatically using NLP

Project description

Auto Pocket Tagger

Use Google cloud's Natural Language Processing API to automatically analyze the webpage from articles saved in your Pocket list, derive tags/keywords based on the content of the page, and add tags to the articles in Pocket list for free.

Pocket has suggested tags service for their paid premium plans. You can find more about it here. This still requires manual work of adding the tags to each article one-by-one. This package automates all of it for free.




Install published version from pypi

$ pip install pocket-tagger

Install latest version from git

$ pip install git+


Google Cloud

This package relies on Google cloud natural language processing API, which requires billing enabled on your project. You can find the quickstart instructions here Options:

  1. Create a service account and download the credentials file -
tagger = PocketTagger(gcloud_credentials_file="gcloud_credentials_file.json")
  1. or Configure gloud locally -
tagger = PocketTagger()

Pocket API

To fetch the articles list and add tags, you need a developer key from here Create a new Application with modify and retrieve permissions. Save the Consumer Key and Access Token.

tagger = PocketTagger(consumer_key='your-consumer-key',


# Initialize PocketTagger with GCloud and Pocket API Credentials
tagger = PocketTagger(gcloud_credentials_file="gcloud_credentials_file.json",

# Check for additional list of options you can pass for retrieving pocket list
articles = tagger.get_articles_from_api(count=10, offset=10, detailType='complete')

# Alternatively you can load the articles from file if you saved them previously using save_articles_to_file
# articles = tagger.get_articles_from_file("20190621.json")
# Generate tags for each article
articles_with_tags = tagger.get_tags_for_articles(articles)

# Save the articles with tags to file. You can use this file to verify it looks good before running the final step to tag the articles.
tagger.save_articles_to_file(today.strftime('%Y%m%d-with-tags.json'), articles_with_tags)

# You can skip this step if you want to do a dry run. Verify the tags in the file we generated in the previous step.

Optional overrides

You can override the default thresholds for entity salience and category confidence

thresholds = {
  'entity_salience_threshold': 0.7
  'category_confidence_threshold': 0.3
articles_with_tags = tagger.get_tags_for_articles(articles, thresholds)


Sample output from running it for my 490 items long Pocket list

X under Entities or Categories denotes the NLP client returned those as potential candidates, but we skipped them because it didn't meet the threshold. You can see the last line Tags: abc, xyz for list of tags pocket-tagger added for each URL.

         Title: ELI5: Why do coffee drinkers feel more clear headed after consuming caffeine? Why do some get a headache without it? Does caffeine cause any permanent brain changes and can the brain go back to 'normal' after years of caffeine use? : explainlikeimfive
         Description: r/explainlikeimfive: **Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations.**   Don't Panic!
            X Coffee Drinkers: 0.2438652664422989
            X Eli5: 0.14941969513893127
            X Caffeine: 0.12065556645393372
            X Caffeine: 0.0874909833073616
            X Some: 0.06917785853147507
            X Headache: 0.0606028214097023
            X Brain: 0.03606536239385605
            X Explainlikeimfive: 0.033727116882801056
            X Brain Changes: 0.03211209550499916
            X Caffeine Use: 0.029848895967006683
            X R: 0.02966366335749626
            X Forum: 0.028598546981811523
            X Internet: 0.022404097020626068
            X Archive: 0.022404097020626068
            X Explainlikeimfive: 0.017647551372647285
            X Don'T Panic: 0.009302889928221703
            X Five: 0.007013489492237568
            X Five: 0.0
              /Food & Drink/Beverages/Coffee & Tea: 0.6700000166893005
         Tags: Food & Drink, Beverages, Coffee & Tea
         Title: Enjoy three full minutes of the cast of 'Game of Thrones' expressing disappointment in Season 8. : television
         Description: r/television:
            X Cast: 0.31218624114990234
            X Disappointment: 0.20341947674751282
            X Season: 0.20341947674751282
            X Game Of Thrones: 0.13265934586524963
            X Television: 0.08712445199489594
            X Television: 0.06119102984666824
            X 8: 0.0
            X Three: 0.0
              /Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/TV Shows & Programs: 0.75
         Tags: Arts & Entertainment, TV & Video, TV Shows & Programs
         Title: Local realtime person detection for RTSP cameras : homeautomation
         Description: r/homeautomation: A subreddit focused on automating your home, housework or household activity. Sensors, switches, cameras, locks, etc. Any …
            X Realtime Person Detection: 0.3057926297187805
            X Homeautomation: 0.15315502882003784
            X Cameras: 0.14035314321517944
            X Rtsp: 0.07461880147457123
            X Homeautomation: 0.051411159336566925
            X Home: 0.047811269760131836
            X Housework: 0.04366889223456383
            X Subreddit: 0.04183248057961464
            X R: 0.04132793843746185
            X Cameras: 0.032860007137060165
            X Locks: 0.028899790719151497
            X Household Activity: 0.012798599898815155
            X Switches: 0.012735127471387386
            X Sensors: 0.012735127471387386
              /Computers & Electronics: 0.7900000214576721
         Tags: Computers & Electronics


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