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PolarisHub Flask version

Project description

PolarisHub (Flask Version)

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  1. What is PolarisHub
  2. How to install PolarisHub
  3. How to run PolarisHub
  4. The advantages of PolarisHub
  5. The inspiration of PolarisHub
  6. Future plan

What is PolarisHub

PolarisHub is a free, fast, easy, secure file transfer tool. The current version is based on Flask (Python), which can be deployed on all computers with Python. With the command phub, the PolarisHub will start, and you can manage your PolarisHub with GUI of web browser (url: http://localhost:5000/). You can share your files using url links and QR Code, whoever in the same network can access your shared files. You can also gracefully shutdown PolarisHub with one click!

How to install PolarisHub

Install with pip (Recommended)

  1. Make sure you have the Python3 and pip properly installed.
  2. Run $ pip install polarishub_flask or $ pip install polarishub_flask==X.X.X (version code).
  3. Done!

Download the source code

  1. git clone

How to run PolarisHub

Run with pip installation (Recommended)

  1. $ phub (Run $ phub -h for more information on the optional arguments)

Run with source code

  1. $ cd polarishub_flask
  2. $ python3 (Run $ python3 -h for more information on the optional argumetns)

The advantages of PolarisHub

(May use a graph)

Compared with OneDrive, iCloud, or similar cloud file storage

  1. Fast. Taking the advantage of LAN with almost unlimited bandwidth, the file transfer using PolarisHub can reach the speed limit of the network, i.e. X MB/s ~ XX MB/s.
  2. Private. PolarisHub is a decentralized platform, which originally does not provide a cloud center. Therefore, you own the 100% authority of your files, and no one can perceive your transfer on the application layer.
  3. Secure. PolarisHub is an open-source project, where everyone can contribute to fix the potential bugs and there will not be privacy compromise problem.

Compared with WeChat

  1. Unlimited size of files. We are no longer worried about the size of our files, which is restricted by WeChat.
  2. Fast. The same as indicated above.

Compared with AirDrop

  1. Free. No limitation of the Apple hardware, we are building a software that every computer can use!
  2. Longer Distance. As long as the transfer is within a LAN, it can even be done between the upper campus and the lower campus and across every classroom and building!

Other advantages

  1. Easy Deployment. PolarisHub can be deployed on every computer installed with Python using pip. There is no compilation requirement for it.

The inspiration of PolarisHub

The inspiration of PolarisHub comes from the annoying experience of using the current file transfer tools, as discussed above. Therefore, we are trying to build a software which overcomes all the disadvantages of other tools, a free, fast, easy, secure tool.

Future plan

We welcome everyone who is interested in PolarisHub to join us: Polaris Studio! You can find us on GitHub or send email to

  1. Go Version. We are going to refactor PolarisHub in Golang, which can be compiled and deployed to every platform without Python.
  2. Public Server for host consultation. We are going to build a public server such that everyone can share their file links (in local network) on it.
  3. More powerful PolarisHub. More features will be added, such as access password, and etc..


  • Guochao Xie
  • Senyue Hao
  • Yongqi Zhang

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