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A service that polls other services about releases deliveries.

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PollBot is an hardworking little robot (microservice) that frees its human masters from the toilsome task of polling for the state of things during the Firefox release process.

Version 1.0 will provide, at a minimum, these API resources:

  1. build exists on
  2. release notes published
  3. JSON contains the release
  4. download links are on and they work
  5. security advisories are published and links work


MPL v2 (see LICENSE)


PollBot is a currently a stateless service, which means there are no database services to configure.

However you can configure the following parameters using environment variables:

VARIABLE Description
PORT The service PORT, by default runs on 9876
VERSION_FILE The JSON version file, default PWD/version.json
CACHE_MAX_AGE The Cache-Control max-age value, default to 30 seconds. Set it to 0 to set it to no-cache
TELEMETRY_API_KEY API KEY to use to query the Telemetry Service
TELEMETRY_USER_ID Telemetry User ID to select user query only.


1.1.4 (2018-02-21)

  • Fix TELEMETRY_USER_ID comparison.

1.1.3 (2018-02-20)

  • Only search for queries created by this user. (fixes #195)

1.1.2 (2018-02-15)

  • Update the whatsdeployed URL.
  • Add host to the OpenAPI specification.

1.1.1 (2018-02-14)

  • Improve the Telemetry query to always update the yesterday filter. (#193)

1.1.0 (2018-02-14)

  • Improve Telemetry main_summary query performances. (#188)

1.0.0 (2018-01-31)

  • Add validation rules for release notes links (HTTPS, locale free). (#160)
  • Read the correct mercurial shipped locale file for release candidates (#161)
  • Add an actionable flag for tasks (#162)
  • Order checks putting non actionable checks at the end. (#163)
  • Add support for devedition checks (#166)
  • Add a whatsdeployed link in the contribute.json file (#168)
  • Use main_summary instead of update_parquet for the Telemetry uptake (#172)
  • Calculate the crash-stats uptake including Beta previous version. (#174)
  • Use the aurora channel for devedition checks (#177)
  • Fix Balrog beta and devedition version comparison (#178)
  • Display the backgroundRate value but do not use it to mark the check as incomplete (#180)
  • Handle coming soon release notes status (#182)
  • Take more versions into account for the crash-stats query (#184)
  • Use the DEVEDITION specific Mercurial tag for shipped-locales (#185)

0.6.1 (2017-12-20)

  • Fix release notes checks for ESR.

0.6.0 (2017-12-20)

  • Reuse the same Nightly query for Telemetry Update Parquet (#141)
  • Read the correct locale file for release candidates (#146)
  • Add bouncer checks and endpoints (#147)
  • Handle case when Download links return a 504 instead of a 302 (#152)
  • Always expect a major version security advisory title for release and ESR (#150)
  • Add an actionable flag for tasks to define if theyshould make the release fail or not (#151)
  • Switch to Telemetry Athena Data Source (#155)
  • Add an indication about Crash-Stats 24h latency (#156)
  • Fix get_version_from_filename for all locales (#157)
  • Validate Release notes links (#159)

0.5.0 (2017-11-06)

  • Add support for release candidates (#137)
  • Add support for new bedrock beta links (#139)

0.4.0 (2017-10-27)

  • Add support for TaskError url (#113)
  • Ignore Copy of Telemetry search results (#115)
  • Deduplicate Balrog Build IDs (#116)
  • Build telemetry query from a list of build IDs (#117)
  • Add the product lists in the homepage (#118)
  • Handle Telemetry empty results responses (#121)
  • Enable a buildhub check for Nightly (#129)
  • Keep only the Uptake ratio (#130)
  • Use Buildhub prod (#131)

0.3.0 (2017-09-25)

  • Update the archive check to validate that all expected files have been created for all locales and platforms (#48)
  • Add a task and endpoint to check the release info in buildhub (#70)
  • Add a task and endpoint to check the channel balrog rule (#72)
  • Validate version number to avoid calling tasks with gibberish (#92)
  • Remove archive nightly specific checks and endpoints (#95)
  • Add a task and endpoint to check for partner-repacks (#100)
  • Add a task and endpoint to get crash-stats uptake (#97)
  • Add a task and endpoint to get telemetry update-parquet uptake (#97)

0.2.1 (2017-09-06)

  • Fixes archive-l10n checks for nightly with new MAR files (#91)

0.2.0 (2017-09-01)

  • Add a /v1/{product} endpoint (#47)
  • Add a /v1/{product}/ongoing-versions endpoint (#52)
  • Add a /v1/{product}/{version} that lists all checks (#62)
  • Add a nightly specific task and endpoint for latest-date publication (#68)
  • Add a nightly specific task and endpoint for latest-date-l10n publication (#68)
  • Add more context about what the task have been checking (#58)
  • Fix the ESR download links task url (#66)
  • Add a task to validate if devedition and beta version matches (#78)
  • Redirects URL ending by a / to URL without the / in case of 404 (#54)
  • Add Cache-Control headers (#43)
  • Handle aiohttp.ClientError as tasks errors (#76)
  • Handle Archive CDN errors (#75)

0.1.0 (2017-08-08)

  • Add the /v1/ info page (#10)
  • Add the bot (#17)
  • Add the bedrock release-notes bot (#16)
  • Add the bedrock security-advisories bot (#26)
  • Add the bedrock download-page bot (#28)
  • Add the product-details bot (#27)
  • Expose the Open API Specification (#23)
  • Add the contribute.json endpoint (#25)
  • Add CORS support (#28)
  • Add the /__version__ endpoint (39)
  • Add the __heartbeat__ and __lbheartbeat__ endpoints (#38)
  • Serve the Swagger documentation (#30)


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