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Bitcoin protocols made easy.

Project description

Documentation: Powered by BitSV:

Powered by BitSV:

Polyglot is designed to be Bitcoin SV’s most intuitive way to interact with a myriad of metanet protocols through python - a match made in heaven.

The style of this library is inspired by ofek’s library bit (bitsv’s predecessor)

Here are some examples:

Polyglot extends bitsv with the polyglot.Upload class, which inherits all of the properties of the bitsv.PrivateKey class such as checking balance, unspends, sending payments etc.

  1. Upload an image < 100kb with b:// protocol (

>>> import polyglot
>>> uploader = polyglot.Upload('your private key goes here in WIF format')
>>> # Optional parameters shown for completeness are populated from the file path by default
>>> uploader.upload_b(file, media_type=None, encoding=None, file_name=None)

See image here:

This works for a wide range of media types.

  1. Upload large multimedia > 100kb with bcat:// protocol (

>>> file = "C:/Users/username/Pictures/BSV_banner.jpg""
>>> uploader.upload_bcat(file)

See image here:

Please note: For BCAT protocol, it is very important to have an adequate number of “fresh” utxos with 1 confirmation to generate the parts. To do this see #3 Utilities (next).

  1. Basic Utilities

Some basic utilities are included for working with utxo splitting and manually extracting the media type / handling of the file based on the file path (with extension) - to cover some potentially more advanced useage patterns of the B and BCAT protocols.

>>> uploader.get_media_type_for_file_name(file) #--> media_type
>>> uploader.get_encoding_for_file_name(file) #--> encoding,
>>> uploader.get_filename(path) #--> file_name.ext)

But additionally:

>>> uploader.get_largest_utxo(self) #--> largest utxo (for splitting)
>>> uploader.split_biggest_utxo(self) #--> splits utxo into 100000 satoshi amounts
>>> uploader.filter_utxos_for_bcat(self) #-- > filters utxos with 0 conf or too low amount to handle a 100kb tx
>>> get_file_ext(file) #--> .ext
>>> calculate_txid(rawtx) #--> txid


Currently Working:

1. Uploading

  • B:// (for multimedia up to 100kb) -

  • BCAT:// (for multimedia up to 310mb uncompressed, 110GB with nested gzip) -

2. UTXO management

  • Utilities for splitting / selecting UTXOs for a single private key - especially for use in BCAT protocol.

  • Bip32 level UTXO management is also planned


1. HTML reference converter

A Class that will allow for easy conversion of metanet style referencing:

  • B:// (ref. by txid)

  • C:// (ref. by sha256 hash of content)

  • D:// (ref. by dynamic state - linked to identity system)

To localhost paths or mainstream internet urls as well as toggling it all back and forth.

This will allow quick iteration of building a web application on the local machine but also rapid conversion to b://, c:// d:// etc. referencing styles for deployment to the blockchain.

Would just need a dictionary of {path : B:// reference} pairs for example to be swapped back and forth. Many other features in mind (possibly for another repository).

2. Downloading

Should be able to specify content by:

  • B:// (ref. by txid)

  • C:// (ref. by sha256 hash of content)

  • D:// (ref. by dynamic state - linked to identity system)

  • Should work for content uploaded via BCAT

And have it be downloaded.

If it is a static html page then should optionally allow retreival of all referenced content to reconstruct the entire webpage on the local machine.

3. Identity protocols (Money Button, AIP etc.):

I would like to add a very simple interface for interacting with - AIP ( - other ID protocols (e.g. Ryan X. Charles of Money Button has been working hard on this area)

4. “Linking / mapping / database functions”:


Polyglot is distributed on PyPI as a universal wheel and is available on Linux/macOS and Windows and supports Python 3.6+. pip >= 8.1.2 is required.

$ pip install polyglot-bitcoin # pip3 if pip is Python 2 on your system.


  • CoinGeek / nChain / Bitcoin Association for putting on an amazing hackathon from which this project was born!

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