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Keep repos organized locally the same as on GitLab

Project description


Keep repos organized locally the same as on GitLab

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Installation and Use

As a WIP, PolyRepo supports only the groups command, which lists a group and all its subgroups.

To install: pipx install polyrepo

To configure, create a ~/.polyrepo.yml file that looks like this:

  token: glpat-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(The token is optional if you're just pulling public groups/subgroups)


polyrepo groups gitlab-org

... with the path to the group you want to examine.

Proposed functionality

polyrepo sync steampunk-wizard

In a subdirectory called steampunk-wizard, clone all its subgroups and projects.

If a subdirectory doesn't exist, create it to hold the clone.

If a subdirectory exists for a project:

  1. Confirm that the default git remote points to the correct path in GitLab
  2. Optionally, fetch everything, including tags

If a subdirectory exists that does NOT correspond to a GitLab repo, remove it?

Output in text

/steampunk-wizard/busy                 Created
/steampunk-wizard/labcrawler           Disjoin
/steampunk-wizard/mypyref              Correct  Changed  
/steampunk-wizard/sandbox/ci-sandbox   Fetched
/steampunk-wizard/sandbox/play-around  Missing


  • Created The repo did not previously exist locally, and now has been cloned and fetched.
  • Fetched The repo did exist, and has been fetched
  • Correct Was already up to date; no changes
  • Missing There is no repo in GitLab, but there's a local folder with content
  • Disjoin A local directory exists, but either isn't a git repo or has the wrong default remote

Then Changed means local changes exist, which could include

  • Local branches still to be pushed
  • Commits in a branch beyond what was fetched
  • Local changes to be committed

Note that PolyRepo doesn't pull or merge anything, doesn't touch the working directory except in the case of creation, and ...

There's a .polyrepo file (optional) to specify the subgroups/repos to consider.


  • How to handle moves of repos between namespaces?
  • Any operation to polyrepo every namespace the user can access?


make clear
poetry install
export GITLAB_TOKEN=$(op item get " (personal) [2FA]" --fields label=/steampunk-wizard)
python -m polyrepo --config test/files/.polyrepo.yml groups steampunk-wizard

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