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Library containing artifact type enums and functions

Project description

PolySwarm Artifact

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Python package for mapping artifact types to the ArtifactType enum in the BountyRegistry contract.

Supports python3 >=3.5.2 and >=3.6.5.

Versions in this schema

Everything in here is meant to be a part of an evolving schema. No versions, but all changes are additions only.

Use non-null and required carefully

Since we cannot remove fields, when a field is no longer useful, it needs to be nullable. Unfortunately we cannot add nullable at a later date, as that would invalidate new schemas when being read by an old

We can easily remove required fields, but we cannot add more. Doing so would invalidated old schemas.

Schema object

Schema objects possess the following methods and attributes:

dict() returns a dictionary of the model's fields and values json() returns a JSON string representation dict() copy() returns a deep copy of the model parse_obj() a utility for loading any object into a model with error handling if the object is not a dictionary parse_raw() a utility for loading strings of numerous formats parse_file() like parse_raw() but for files from_orm() loads data into a model from an arbitrary class schema() returns a dictionary representing the model as JSON Schema schema_json() returns a JSON string representation of schema() construct() a class method for creating models without running validation __fields_set__ Set of names of fields which were set when the model instance was initialised __fields__ a dictionary of the model's fields __config__ the configuration class for the model

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