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CLI Pomodoro Timer

Project description

pomodorotimer (CLI Pomodoro Timer)

Console Pomodoro timer with playing the melody of the signal or with the generation of an end time signal. Displays a push notification on Linux and Mac OS X.

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Pomodoro Technique:

Pomodoro Technique - see


We will use the traditional Pomodoro scheme:


It is important:

According to the principle of the Pomodoro technique - if you are distracted while doing work, then you must interrupt the current time and start a new Pomodoro. And this means that you need to write time in to the database only after the specified time has passed and not earlier.

If you follow this principle, the Pomodoro Technique will be for you exactly the tool for which it was invented, namely, not to calculate the time of your work and breaks in work, but to make you concentrate on continuous and concentrated execution of works during one Pomodoro, i.e. within 25 minutes.

We call the program from any directory in the console and set the countdown time:


When the time ends, a sound signal will be played, push notification will be displayed and it is proposed to enter a new countdown time. And also, it will display the time that is OUT, in the form of a colored time bar, where:

  • red color - working time (25 minutes)
  • green color - time for a short or long break (5, 15 or 30 minutes)



4 2

5 2

The type of push notification depends on your OS and the type of graphical shell used, for example:

Peek 2019-12-30 22-35

How to install:

From PyPI:

pip install pomodorotimer

From sources:

Alternatively you can install pomodorotimer from sources directory:

git clone
cd pomodorotimer
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install .
cd ..
rm -rf pomodorotimer

How run pomodorotimer:


Work with statistics Pomodoro`s:

Get statistics today:

pomodoro --statistic=today

We get something like this in the browser window:


All-Time Statistics:

pomodoro --statistic=all

We get something like this in the browser window: all

Delete (clear) statistics for today:

pomodoro --statistic=delete-today

Delete (clear) all statistics:

pomodoro --statistic=delete-all


See in requirements.txt

pomodorotimer works with python 3.10.13 or higher.

How uninstall pomodorotimer 😭:

pip uninstall pomodorotimer


GNU GPL v 3 0


Alexey Patsukov 🇷🇺 - GitHub profile

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