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Pong game using functionalities from the Sense HAT

Project description

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PongHAT is a Pong game running on a Raspberry Pi 3 using functionalities
from the Sense HAT.

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This game offers two modes:

- A first one, available during the first two levels where the player
plays against a wall.

- A second, from the third level, allowing artificial intelligence (AI)
to appear in the game, increasing the similarities with the
traditional pong game.

**NOTE:** the speed of the game gradually increases with each game.
Similarly, it increases as you move to the next level.



It’s as simple as that:


pip install ponghat



After being connected to the Raspberry using the Sense HAT and installed
``ponghat``, execute the following command to start a game:



Alternatively you can run this tool using Docker:

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# Build the image
docker build -t ponghat .

# Run the image
docker run -v $(pwd):/app ponghat python

**NOTE:** if you don’t have any Sense HAT, you can use a `Sense HAT
emulator <>`__.



There are many ways to contribute. For example, by submitting a bug by
opening an issue in the issue tracker, or by making a pull request.
Ideas that can be implemented is adding particles, refactoring code,



Code is under the `MIT
License <>`__.

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