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Create new pop projects

Project description

Made with pop, a Python implementation of Plugin Oriented Programming Documentation is published with Sphinx on GitLab Pages via Made with Python

Create new pop projects.


pop-create will initialize a new pop project.

What is POP?

This project is built with pop, a Python-based implementation of Plugin Oriented Programming (POP). POP seeks to bring together concepts and wisdom from the history of computing in new ways to solve modern computing problems.

For more information:

Geting Started

pip3 install pop-create

Now that you have pop-create installed you can run:

pop-create seed --help
pop-create seed -n poppy

This initial release should have identical functionality as pop-seed as currently provided by the pop project.

Dynamic Name Spaces

You can specify dynamic namespaces that your app will extend with “-d”. In this example we extend the dynamic name spaces of “states”, “exec”, “acct”, and “tool”; All common extensions of the idem project.

pop-create seed -n poppy -d exec states acct tool

Vertically App Merged Project

If your entrypoint will exist in another project, then you are making a vertically app merged project. For example, if you are extending idem to write exec modules or states modules, your project won’t have an entrypoint. The code of your project will be dynamically extended on top of the namespace of those other tools.

Create a vertically app merged project by adding the –vertical flag to pop-create seed

pop-create seed --vertical -n poppy


Now create the boilerplate code for your project’s tests. This will set your project up with some useful fixtures for testing pop projects and some basic unit/integration tests.

pop-create tests -n poppy


Now create the boilerplate code for your project’s docs. This will set your project up with a rudimentary docs directory that can be easily added to and built.

pop-create docs -n poppy

Run all core subparsers

If no subparser is specified, all the core subparsers (seed, cicd, docs, tests) will be run.

pop-create -n poppy

Project details

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pop_create-8.1.2.tar.gz (38.5 kB view hashes)

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pop_create-8.1.2-py3-none-any.whl (49.2 kB view hashes)

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