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The Universal Translator of Geodetic Coordinate File Formats

Project description

Posetta, the Universal Translator of Geodetic Coordinate File Formats

Posetta is a command line and GUI utility for translating between different file formats used for representing geodetic coordinates.

Note: Posetta is still in pre-alpha status. Its functionality will change, and it should not be depended on in any production-like setting.

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Installing Posetta

Posetta is available at PyPI. You can install it by simply running

pip install posetta

Installing Posetta from source

Posetta depends on other brilliant Python packages, like for instance numpy. We recommend using the Anaconda distribution to ease the installation of these dependencies.

Install Anaconda

Go to, and download Anaconda for Python 3.

Download the Posetta source code

If you have not already done so, download the Posetta source code, from GitHub. Then enter the main posetta directory before running the install commands below.

cd posetta

Install dependencies

You should now install the necessary dependencies using the environment.yml-file. You can do this either in your current conda environment, or choose to create a new posetta-environment. In general, you should install posetta in its own environment.

To install posetta in a new environment named posetta and activate it, do

conda env create -n posetta -f environment.yml
conda activate posetta

To instead install posetta in your current environment, do

conda env update -f environment.yml

Install the Posetta package

To do the actual installation of Posetta, use the flit packaging tool:

flit install --dep production

If you want to develop the Posetta package, install it in editable mode using

flit install -s

On Windows, you can install in editable mode using

flit install --pth-file

Using Posetta

Posetta can be used either as a command line application, or a graphical (GUI) application.

Posetta at the command line

You can use Posetta as a command line tool. Run the following to see instructions:

posetta --help

Posetta as a graphical (GUI) application

Posetta can also be used as a simple point and click GUI application. Run the following command to start it:


Project details

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