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PostgREST client for Python. This library provides an ORM interface to PostgREST.

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PostgREST client for Python. This library provides an ORM interface to PostgREST.

Status: Unstable



  • Python >= 3.7
  • PostgreSQL >= 12
  • PostgREST >= 7

Local PostgREST server

If you want to use a local PostgREST server for development, you can use our preconfigured instance via Docker Compose.

docker-compose up

Once Docker Compose started, PostgREST is accessible at http://localhost:3000.


With Poetry (recommended)

poetry add postgrest

With Pip

pip install postgrest


Getting started

import asyncio
from postgrest import AsyncPostgrestClient

async def main():
    async with AsyncPostgrestClient("http://localhost:3000") as client:
        r = await client.from_("countries").select("*").execute()
        countries =


await client.from_("countries").insert({ "name": "Việt Nam", "capital": "Hà Nội" }).execute()


r = await client.from_("countries").select("id", "name").execute()
countries =


await client.from_("countries").update({"capital": "Hà Nội"}).eq("name", "Việt Nam").execute()


await client.from_("countries").delete().eq("name", "Việt Nam").execute()

General filters

Stored procedures (RPC)

await client.rpc("foobar", {"arg1": "value1", "arg2": "value2"}).execute()


git clone
cd postgrest-py
poetry install
poetry run pre-commit install


poetry run pytest


Read more here.


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