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A Python library for send mail easily

Project description


Posts is a Python library for send mail easily.


- ``GitHub:``
- ``PyPi``

.. code:: sh

pip install posts


Here is the first one to send a mail in **text**:

.. code:: python

from posts import Posts

mail = Posts('smtp-server', 'your-username', 'your-passwd')

with mail() as box:
box.text('to_address', subject='Subject', content='Content')

Posts does not only support mail in **text** type, but also support **html**:

.. code:: python

box.html('to_address', subject='Subject', content='Content')

Next, we can send a mail with **attachments**:

.. code:: python

with mail() as box:
box.attach({'example.jpg': './example.jpg})

Finally, we can send the mail in html type with image:

.. code:: python

with mail(alias='alias') as box:
'example.jpg': './example.jpg'})
content='<img src="cid:example.jpg">')

Maybe you need to send mail by ssl, don't worry:

.. code:: python

with mail(ssl=True) as box:

Chain Useage

Just try like this:

.. code:: python

'name1': '/path/to/file1',
'name2': '/path/to/file2'}).\
attach({'name3': '/path/to/file3'}).\
text('to_address', 'subject', 'content').\
html(['to_address1', 'to_address2'], 'subject', 'content')

The text mail with attachment 1, 2, 3 will send to address,
and then the html mail with attachment 1, 2, 3 will be sent ot
address1, address2 together.

Project details

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