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Make PowerPoint presentations from data

Project description


PPTGen is a library and tool to make PowerPoint presentations from data.


pip install pptgen


PPTGen lets you modify the contents of a PowerPoint presentation based on data.
For example, you can:

- Update charts, images and text from data
- Create a series of slides using a template from spreadsheets or database

**Examples are in `tests/`.** You can run the commands below in the `tests/` directory.

PPTGen takes a YAML configuration file as input.

pptgen config.yaml

The YAML configuration defines the `source`, `target`, `data` and any number of
rules. Here is a simple configuration that just copies a source PPTX to a
target PPTX without any changes.

source: input.pptx # Default input
target: out-unchanged.pptx # Default output

You can override these parameters using `--source <path>` and `--target <path>`.

pptgen config.yaml --source input.pptx --target out-cmdline.pptx

### Shapes

In PowerPoint, all shapes have names. To see shape names, select Home tab >
Drawing group > Arrange drop-down > Selection pane. Or press ALT + F10.

![Selection pane](help/selection-pane.png)

To change the shape names, double-click on the name in the selection pane.

### Text

To change the title on the input slide to "New title", use this configuration `config-text.yaml`:

source: input.pptx
target: out-text.pptx
change-title: # This section defines the first change.
# (You can replace "change-title" with anything.)
Title 1: # Take the shape named "Title 1"
text: New Title # Replace its text with "New Title"

To *substitute* text instead of replacing the full title -- for example, to just
replace "title" with "heading", and "Old" with "New" use `config-replace.yaml`:

source: input.pptx
target: out-replace.pptx
replace-title: # The change section can be called anything
Title 1: # Take the shape named "Title 1"
replace: # Replace these keywords
"Old": "New" # Old -> New
"Title": "Heading" # Title -> Heading

Replacement only works for words that have the same formatting. For example, in
some_where_, "where" is underlined. You cannot replace "somewhere". But you can
replace "some" and "where" independently.

### Images

To change the picture on an image, use `config-image.yaml`:

source: input.pptx
target: out-image.pptx
Picture 1: # Take the shape named "Picture 1"
image: sample.png # Replace the image with sample.png

The image can be a URL or a file path.

### Groups

To change groups' contents, use a nested configuration. For example, if the group
named "Group 1" has text named "Caption" and an image named "Picture", this
`config-group.yaml` replaces those:

source: input.pptx
target: out-group.pptx
Group 1: # Take the shape named "Group 1"
Caption: # Find the shape named "Caption" inside it
text: New caption # Change its text to "New caption"
Picture: # Find the shape named "Picture" inside it
image: sample.png # Replace the image with sample.png

### Data

PPTGen can change presentations with data from various sources. This example
shows all ways of loading data:

source: input.pptx
target: out-unchanged.pptx
data: # The data section
cities: {csv: cities.csv} # Load CSV data into "cities" key
sales: {xlsx: sales.xlsx, sheet: Sheet1} # Load Excel sheet into "sales" key
tweets: {json: tweets.json} # Load JSON data into "tweets" key
sample: {yaml: sample.yaml} # Load YAML data into "config"
direct: {values: {x: 1, y: 2}} # The "direct" key takes values directly

### Templates

You can use values from the data anywhere, as a template. See

source: input.pptx
target: out-template.pptx
tweets: {json: tweets.json}
Title 1:
text: "Tweet from @{{ tweets[0]['user']['screen_name'] }}"
Picture 1:
image: "{{ tweets[0]['user']['profile_image_url'] }}"

The values inside `{{ ... }}` are evaluated as Python expressions in the context
of `data`.

### Charts


### Tables


### Slides

By default, changes are applied to all slides. To restrict changes to a specific
slide, use one of these:

1. `slide-number` indicates the slide number starting with slide 1.
2. `slide-title` is a regular expression that matches the slide title.

For example, this applies the `change-title` rule only on slide 1.

source: input.pptx
target: out-text.pptx
slide-number: 1 # Apply this change only on slide 1
Title 1:
text: New title

To create multiple slides from data, add `data:` to the change. For example:

source: input.pptx
target: out-slides.pptx
sales: {xlsx: sales.xlsx}
slide-number: 1 # Apply this change only on slide 1
data: sales # For each row in sales.xlsx, create a new slide
Title 1:
text: "Region {{ region }} has sales of ${{ sales }}"

### Layouts

To create multiple shapes using data, use `layout:` and `data:`. For example:

source: input.pptx
target: out-layout.pptx
sales: {xlsx: sales.xlsx}
Picture 1: # Take the Picture 1 shape
data: sales # Duplicate it for each row in sales
layout: horizontal # Lay the images out horizontally
image: "{{ region }}.png" # Change the picture using this template

Currently, `layout:` supports `horizontal` and `vertical`. We may extend this to
`grid: [<columns>, <rows>]` and `wrap: <items>`.


To set up the development environment, clone this repo. Then run:

pip uninstall pptgen
pip install -e .

Create a branch for local development using `git checkout -b <branch>`.
Test your changes by running `nosetests`.
Commit your branch and send a merge request.


When releasing a new version of pptgen:

1. Check [build errors](
2. Run `make tests` on Python 2.7 and on 3.x
3. Update version number in `pptgen/release.json`
4. Push `dev` branch to the server. Ensure that there are no build errors.
5. Merge with master, create an annotated tag and push the code:

git checkout master
git merge dev
git tag -a v1.x.x # Annotate with a one-line summary of features
git push --follow-tags
git checkout dev # Switch back to dev

6. Release to PyPi

python sdist bdist_wheel --universal
twine upload dist/*

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