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pre-commit hooks for PO files

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Hooks for pre-commit useful working with PO files.

Example configuration

- repo:
  rev: v1.4.0
    - id: obsolete-messages
    - id: untranslated-messages
    - id: remove-django-translators
    - id: standard-metadata



Checks for obsolete messages printing their line numbers if found.


Checks for untranslated messages printing their line numbers if found.


Replaces a matching string at the beginning of extracted comments.


  • -m/--match "STRING": Matching string to be replaced.
  • -r/--replacement "STRING": Replacement for the match at the beginning of the extracted comment. If you want to remove the matching beginning you can pass an empty string "".
  • -d/--dry-run: Don't do the replacements, only writes to stderr the locations of the extracted comments to be replaced.


Same as lreplace-extracted-comments passing --match "Translators: " --replacement "". Useful to remove the string prepended by Django extracting messages with xgettext (see more about this problem in django-rosetta#245).


Check that metadata fields matches a set of regular expressions.


  • -h/--header HEADER: Header name to match in metadata. This argument can be passed multiple times, but after each -h/--header argument must be a -v/--value that indicates the regular expression for that header.
  • -v/--value REGEX: Can be passed multiple times. Indicates the regular expression that the last header passed in the argument -h/--header must match in the checked PO files.
  • -n/--no-metadata: When this option is passed, the hook instead checks that there is no metadata in the files, so it will exit with code 1 if some metadata is found in a file or 0 if there is no metadata in any files.
  • -r/--remove/--remove-metadata: When this option is passed the metadata will be removed from the files instead of being trated as a lint error.


Check that the metadata of your PO files fits some standard requirements based on the next regular expressions:

  • Project-Id-Version: \d+\.\d+\.\d
  • Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: .+\s<.+@.+\..+>
  • Last-Translator: .+\s<.+@.+\..+>
  • Language-Team: .+\s<.+@.+\..+>
  • Language: \w\w_?\w?\w?(@\w+)?
  • Content-Type: text/plain; charset=[0-9a-zA-Z\-]+
  • Content-Transfer-Encoding: \d+bits?

If you need to replace some fields with other regular expressions, you can do it passing the -h and -v arguments of the check-metadata hook.

For example, if your version includes the character v at the beginning: -h "Project-Id-Version" -v "v\d+\.\d+\.\d"


It will check if PO files has metadata. If has metadata, it will fail the check returning exit code 1.


  • -r/--remove/--remove-metadata: When this option is passed the metadata will be removed from the files instead of being treated as a lint error.


Define a maximum number of entries for each PO file. Pass an interger in the first argument:

- id: max-messages
    - 5000


  • Maximum number of messages allowed for each PO file.

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