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The official Python SDK to go along with Preflet.

Project description

# Preflet - Python SDK

Use this SDK to communicate with Preflet’s services to make your ML apps cloud native.

## Sample Code

from preflet import Model from preflet import generate_auth_token from preflet import list_all_models from preflet import get_model

# train_type defaults to “Classification” and can be “Multi-Class” or # “Regression” as well my_model = Model(“your_model_name”, trained_clf, train_type=”Multi-Class”)

my_model.calculate_metrics(y_test, predictions)

my_model.extract_metadata(x_train, y_train)

token = generate_auth_token(api_key=’your_api_key’)

# host can be ‘’ if you want to host it on the cloud, or # ‘localhost’ my_model.upload(token, host=’’)

# to get a list of all your models data = list_all_models(token, host=’’)

# get a specific model for normal use/batch-prediction downloaded_clf, details = get_model(“your_model_name”, token, host=’’)

# make predictions out of the box downloaded_clf.predict([…])

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