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Prints the schema of Python objects

Project description


Ever had a complex Python object and wanted to easily see its structure?

print_schema makes it super easy to display the structure of complex dictionaries, JSONs, lists, etc It differs from pprint in that this displays the structure rather than the object itself.

New: Use print_matrix to display a 2D array (list of lists) in the matrix form.


You can download this package from pip:

pip install print-schema

How to use this package

from print_schema import print_schema
my_dict = {"bts": {"members": 7,
                   "bias": "Kim Tae-hyung",
                   "albums": {"first": "Dark & Wild",
                              "peak_chart_position": {"Japan": 30, "Korea": 2},
                              "favorite_songs": ["Blood Sweat and Tears", "Boy with luv"]},
                   "more_members_alive_than_dead": True,
                   (2, 3): "a random tuple"},
           "beatles": {"members": 4,
                       "bias": "George Harrisom",
                       "albums": {"first": "Please Please Me",
                                  "peak_chart_position": {"UK": 1, "France": 5, "Germany": 5},
                                  "favorite_songs": ["Eleanor Rigby", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"]},
                       "more_members_alive_than_dead": False,
                       (4, 5): "another random tuple"}}
print_schema(my_dict, indent=3, dense=False)

print_schema output

Display a list of lists as a matrix

New in version 1.1

from print_schema import print_matrix
my_arr = [[11, 312, None, 2],
          [93, -45, 10],
          [-100.3, 8, 192, 5],
          [55, 1.5, 854, 6]]
print_matrix(my_arr, index=True)

print_matrix output


  • Surya Shekhar Chakraborty


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


This project started when I started looking for a native Python equivalent of PySpark/Scala's printSchema() and couldn't find any :)

Much thanks to my favorite after-hours colleague Puneet Jindal for all the help.

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