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Pritunl API Client for Python

Project description

Pritunl API Client for Python

This is a simple Pritunl API Client written in Python.

You need to refer to Pritunl API Documentation to understand how to use this. This API client uses almost the same command as the API Handlers.


Install the published package using pip from our PyPI project repository.

pip install pritunl-api

Beyond the core API client library, we also added the executable distribution in this project. Add extra cli during the PIP installation to enable the CLI feature.

pip install pritunl-api[cli]

Proceed to the CLI Usage for the complete command options and syntax.

API Usage

Before using the API library including the use of the CLI feature, we need to provide the Pritunl API URL and administrative credentials in our environment variables.

export PRITUNL_BASE_URL="https://vpn.domain.tld/"

Initializing an API Instance.

# Import the object
from pritunl_api import Pritunl

# Create an instance
pritunl = Pritunl()

## You can also initialize an instance by manually providing the arguments.
# pritunl = Pritunl(
#   url="<PRITUNL BASE URL>",
#   token="<PRITUNL API TOKEN>",
#   secret="<PRITUNL API SECRET>"
# )

# Your Pritunl API Client instance is now ready to use!


  • Example 1:

    (in source) GET /server

  • Example 2:

    (in source) PUT /server/:server_id/organization/:organization_id

    pritunl.server.put(srv_id='', org_id='')
  • Example 3:

    (in source) DELETE /user/:organization_id/:user_id

    pritunl.user.delete(org_id='', usr_id='')
  • Example 4:

    (in source) POST /server**
        'name': 'new server name'
    • If there is data available, you must pass it through the data parameter.
    • The command above works well because there are templates available for creating a new server.
  • Example 5:

    (in source) PUT /user/:organization_id/:user_id

    pritunl.user.put(org_id='', usr_id='',
        'name': 'modified org name',
        'disabled': True

CLI Usage

Available Commands

As of this period of development, the feature is limited.

To show the available commands, use the help option.

pritunl-api-cli --help
Usage: pritunl-api-cli [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Pritunl API CLI

  --version  Show the version and exit.
  --help     Show this message and exit.


To show the available commands for a feature

pritunl-api-cli user --help
Usage: pritunl-api-cli user [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.


For available command options and syntax, use the feature command argument help option.

pritunl-api-cli user create --help
Usage: pritunl-api-cli user create [OPTIONS]

  --org-name TEXT
  --user-name TEXT
  --user-email TEXT
  --pin TEXT
  --yubikey-id TEXT
  --from-csv PATH
  --help             Show this message and exit.

Example 1: Create a Single User

pritunl-api-cli user create \
  --org-name pritunl-dev \
  --user-name john.doe \
  --user-email john.doe@domain.tld

Example 2: Create Users from CSV

pritunl-api-cli user create \
  --from-csv ./users.csv

For more CLI examples checkout the blog post Managing Enterprise VPN using Pritunl API CLI.

API Development

Using Virtual Environment

Create a virtual environment and activate it.

python -m venv ./venv
source ./venv/bin/activate

Or simple use other Python Version Manager like pyenv.

pip install -e .

Include REPL Tools

pip install -e .[repl]

Using Docker Environment

Building a Development Container

docker buildx build . \
  --progress plain \
  --file dev.Dockerfile \
  --tag pritunl-api:development

Running a Development Container

docker run --rm -it \
  --volume $(PWD):/pritunl-api \
  --env-file .env \

This API client is not fully complete. Some features are missing, feel free to fork and pull requests to add new features.

Tested working on Pritunl v1.30.3354.99.

Alternative API Clients

[!NOTE] This Python package is a fork from Pritunl API client for Python 3 by @ijat

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