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Python Core Package.

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There's probably a fiesta somewhere.

Python Package Core

A Python package core for building a Python package.


Installation using pip

pip install probable-fiesta

Installation with automatic build and install

It is recommended to setup a virtual environment.

To install locally with automatic build and install, run the following command in the root directory of the project.

git clone
cd probable-fiesta
chmod +x scripts/

Installation with manual build and install

Setup a new virtual environment and install packages in requirements.txt.

python -m venv build_venv
source build_venv/bin/activate
(build_venv) $ pip install -r build_requirements.txt
(build_venv) $ hatch build
(build_venv) $ pip install dist/probable_fiesta-${VERSION}.tar.gz

Installation in Jupyter Notebook

To install the into the Jupyter Notebook kernel:

import sys
!{sys.executable} -m pip install -U --no-deps probable-fiesta


probable_fiesta --help

Build and Run

Build and Run command

Build and a command. Pass flags, for example --version:

./scripts/ & probable_fiesta --version




Developer Reference

This package contains various modules that can be used to build a Python package.


  • probable_fiesta: Main module.
  • Main application.
  • Main application.
  • probable_fiesta.cli: Command line interface.
  • probable_fiesta.command: Internal command implementation.
  • probable_fiesta.config: Configuration.
  • probable_fiesta.logger: Logging.

Create Application Example

Create a new application using the probable_fiesta package.

  • Create a main module, for example
# Path:
from probable_fiesta.config.variables import DotEnvDef
from probable_fiesta.config.builder.config_builder import ConfigBuilder
from probable_fiesta.logger.builder.logger_factory import LoggerFactory
from import ContextFactory as CF
from import AppBuilder

# Import or add your business logic here
# For example the next get version functions:
def get_version_echo(version):
    return version
def get_version():
    return "v0"

# Create custom dotenv definition from DotEnvDef
class MyDotEnvDef(DotEnvDef):
    def __init__(self):
        self.version_echo = "v0" # This will be overwritten by .env file

    # make the class iterable
    def __iter__(self):
        for attr, value in self.__dict__.items():
            yield value  # only yield the values

# Create main function
def main(args):
    # Create config, will be replaced by a Factory in the future
    cB = ConfigBuilder()
    config = (
            LoggerFactory.new_logger_get_logger("main_app", "INFO")
        .dotenv.load_dotenv()  # Load .env file if exists

    # Create main app
    main_app = ("main_app")
        # Add your arguments
            "--version", action="store_true", help="show version builder"
        # Add your commands that do not require parsed arguments
            CF.new_context_one_new_command("version", "version", get_version, None)
        # Define which are executable

    # Create commands that require parsed arguments
    c3 = CF.new_context_one_new_command(
        main_app.get_arg("version_echo"),  # CLI overrides .env
    # Add commands to main app

    # Check build errors
    if main_app.args_parser.error:

    # Run main app
    run_context =
    history = run_context.get_run_history()
    return history

This allows you to call the main function from the command line:

python --version

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