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A simple probabilistic counter.

Project description

A simple and efficient probabilistic counter, suited for rate limiting and counting efficiently, without uploading every action to the remote database.



from probcount import ProbCounter
from functools import partial

pc = ProbCounter()

def old_increase_function(counter_name, value):
    # run the real call to the DB increasing the counter
    # for a redis
    # return redis.Redis().incrby(name=counter_name, amount=value)
    # or a MongoDB
    # return (pymongo.MongoClient().database_name.collection_name.find_one_and_update({"_id": counter_name},
                                                                                      {"$inc": {"value": value}},
                                                                                      {"value": 1}).get("value", 0) + value)

def old_get_function(counter_name):
    # run the real call to the DB increasing the counter
    # for a redis
    # redis.Redis().get(name=counter_name)
    # or a MongoDB
    # pymongo.MongoClient().database_name.collection_name.find_one({"_id": counter_name}, {"value": 1}).value

pc.create("name_of_counter", partial(old_increase_function, "name_of_counter"), partial(old_get_function, "name_of_counter"))"name_of_counter", 42.0)

Supported Python Versions

Python Project Template supports the following versions out of the box:

  • CPython 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7

  • PyPy 1.9


  • Tudor Aursulesei

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