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Project description

A process synchronizer that, when receive a request, will check if have a origin of the data and distributes for N destinations.


The motivation behind this project was the necessity of synchronize between two MySQL databases.

When pass the information to the other was necessary made some changes in the value before add in the destination.

Of course, if the synchronization was limited only to sync the fields we can use the replication, but in the case was: When request the information to be synchronize, we need get some fields and make some changes in the value before add in the destination.


Having one unique value that identify the object, will send to a queue that the application is looking searching for a row to process.

When this row is inserted, the thread will check if have a origin that will contain more specific information and send this informations for N destinations registered.

This step that was describe correspond a action to be execute that inside will contain one origin to N destination.

Available now

Thread (Used to monitoring a request to be process)

  • MySQL (Search in a table if have some row inserted)

Connections (Used to send the command used in the origin/destination)

  • MySQL (Execute query or stored procedure)

  • Python script (Call a method or a class that have a method to call)

Note: In the future, when have some demand for new types of threads or connection, will be implemented and add here.

How can I get more information?

Please take a look in the source that will have a directory call docs and inside have html files (start with README-FIRST.html) that will contain the explanation necessary, if don’t please feel free to send the question that I be happy to answer.


  • Linux

  • Python 2.6+
    • python-daemon 1.5.5+

    • mysql-python 1.2.2+

    • lockfile 0.9.1+

  • MySQL


  1. Download the Source [here]

  2. Unpack it

    unzip Ozahata-procsync-{identify}.zip

  3. Install it

    sudo python install

  4. Configure

    Please check the documentation for more details.


Just remove manually the following files:

rm -rvf /usr/local/bin/ rm -rvf /usr/local/lib/python2.X/dist-packages/procsync-0.*

Note: The “X” means the version of python that you use.

Project details

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