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A thin layer on top of FastAPI that adds some production readiness features.

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A thin layer on top of FastAPI with the following features:

  • Integrates with FastAPI-Security to add a custom route /users/me (path is overridable)
  • Easily add CORS to your app by calling app.with_basic_cors()
  • Add health routes to the app via app.with_health_routes(). Adds a liveness route at /__is-alive and a readiness route at /__is-ready (both paths can be overridden). Useful together with Kubernetes liveness and readiness probes for example.
  • And, thanks to FastAPI, all routes are automatically added to the API documentation


pip install prodapi


from prodapi import ProdAPI, ApiRouter, FastAPISecurity

# First let's set up security, via FastAPI-Security

security = FastAPISecurity()

# Set up HTTP Basic Auth
    {"username": "johndoe", "password": "123"},
    {"username": "janedoe", "password": "abc123"},

# Set up OAuth2 and OIDC
# NOTE: There is also `init_oauth2_through_jwks` in case OIDC is not available

# Make sure that basic auth user `jane` and OAuth2 user
# `p56OnzZb8KrWC9paxCyv8ylyB2flTIky@clients` gets all permissions automatically.
# NOTE: For basic auth you have to set up permissions this way, for OAuth2 permissions
#       will be automatically extracted from the incoming JWT token (via the key
#       `permissions`, which might only be implemented for Auth0)
    "jane": ["*"],
    "p56OnzZb8KrWC9paxCyv8ylyB2flTIky@clients": ["*"],

# Now we're ready to create the app
# NOTE: ProdAPI is just a thin layer on top of `fastapi.FastAPI`
app = ProdAPI()

# CORS - Allow any origins, methods and headers. Don't expose any headers.

# Add routes `/__is-alive` and `/__is-ready`. Useful together with Kubernetes or similar
# URL paths are configurable.

# Enable `/users/me` route to get info about the user. URL path is configurable.

# Create our app specific API router and our routes
products_router = ApiRouter()

def list_products():
    return []


# And we're done! Now just use uvicorn or similar to deploy.


  1. Create cli utility (using tiangolo typer?), which can generate:
    1. A stub project using prodapi
    2. Frontend (React?)
    3. docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile
    4. Kubernetes deployment files

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