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A tool to upload student work to

Project description

[PROF] is the website where peoples studying computer science at Lille1 should upload their work.

This tool give you ability to upload your archive from the command line.

## Installation

## On your university account

You can install prof to your $HOME directory

export pip-3.2 install –user prof ~/.local/bin/prof

I suggest you to create the following alias in your .bashrc

alias $HOME/.local/bin/prof

### On your computer (if your root)

Download from Pypi and run the program

sudo pip3 install prof prof

## Configuration

You must specify to which server prof need to connect in $HOME/.profrc, as the following :

[DEFAULT] baseurl = https://your-prof-instance login = yourlogin

Note that login is not mandatory, but you should set it for convenience.

## Usage

On the command line, run

prof list

If needed, a Firefox windows will pop so you can fill your credentials, and check the captcha.

In exchange, it give you the tree of all avalaible works.

TP_ACT_Groupe1 - 23 : TP Ordres de Grandeu Closed (calve-act-1.tar.gz) - 88 : TP Diviser pour Régn Closed (calve-act2.tar.gz) - 103 : TP 3 Compression Im Open - Time remaining: 6 days, 17:09:56.090487 TP ASE Contextes - 45 : TP 2 Closed (calve-ase-2.tar.gz) - 46 : TP 4 Closed (calve-ase-2.tar.gz) TP ASE Disques - 47 : TP 1 Closed (calve-ase-3.tar.gz) - 48 : TP 2 Open - Time remaining: 4 days, 20:54:56.090348 - 49 : TP 3 Open - Time remaining: 32 days, 20:54:56.090310 TP ASE MMU - 50 : TP 1 Open - Time remaining: 53 days, 20:54:56.090262 - 51 : TP 2 Open - Time remaining: 60 days, 20:54:56.090225 M1AEO - 95 : Bonus TD Closed - 184 : TP roulette Open - Time remaining: 5 days, 17:54:56.090157

Then you can upload a file with

prof upload 184 test.tar.gz

If the file is a tar.gz, it will untar it in a temporary directory, and try to compile the project using make. You can override this comportement with --compil-command "cmake" or --no-compile

Running make in /tmp/tmp3n3knca6prof for file test.tar.gz mkdir -p bin gcc -Wall -ansi -pedantic -m32 -g -c -o src/mkhd.o src/mkhd.c gcc -Wall -ansi -pedantic -m32 -g -o ./lib/mkhd.o -c src/mkhd.c -I./include Successfully compiled

And it is done

done, you should verify the upload on the website

prof is still under devel, it may crash, loose your files, eat your goat. Always check your file is actually send on the remote server.


## Set up a post commit hook for git

You can easily setup a postcommit hook for git, so it compile and upload your work on each commit. In your project, create .git/hooks/post-commit

git archive –output archive.tar.gz HEAD prof upload workid archive.tar.gz –compil-command “make”

and chmod +x .git/hooks/post-commit


  • Persisting sessions

  • True Pypi package

  • Check proper compilation before pushing

  • --sorted option came back

  • Rewrite in Python

  • Better ui, now loop thru tp and ue list

  • Fix : Date comparaison

  • Added argument –sorted to list all TPs sorted by time. Still experimental

  • QuickFix : Clear buffer containing downloaded pages before getting TP list

  • TPs contains their UE

  • TPs contains their deadline. Maybe in a future we could sort TP by deadline

  • TPs and UEs numbers are now from 0 to n, and not the actual id on the server

  • raise exception when procedures fail

  • upload a file

  • delete a remote file

  • retrieve TP list

  • connect to the prof website, get cookie, log and retrieve an UE list

## Development

git clone cd prof pip3 install -r requirements.txt python3


calvinh34 at gmail

Bugs, patches and suggestions are welcome !

## Last word

If nothing work, or if you just want an easy sh script, you may find one in legacy/ that nearly do the same thing.

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