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Returns the joint progenitor probability (probability that a galaxy is a spheroid at z=0) for a given redshift, mass, environment (percentile) and star-formation rate.

Project description

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## *README* for ``

### Reference:
[***Martin et al. 2018a***]( "Martin+18a"),
*Martin, G., Kaviraj, S., Devriendt J. E. G., Dubois Y., Pichon C. and Laigle C., MNRAS, 474, 3140*

### Contact:
[]( "email")

### Purpose:
Reads `fractions.dat` binary file and returns the joint progenitor probability for given redshift, mass, environment (percentile) and star-formation rate (i.e. the probability that a galaxy with given properties has spheroidal morphology at z=0). If one or more dimensions are not specified, the joint progenitor probability is returned with missing dimensions marginalised out.

### Prerequisites:
* `fractions.dat`
* numpy
* scipy

### Installation:

pip install progenitor-probability

### Usage:

#### Using the built-in script:

``` -z 0.4 -m 10.8
``` --help

usage: [-h] [-z REDSHIFT] [-m MASS]
[-p DENSITY] [-s SFR]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-z REDSHIFT, --redshift REDSHIFT
-m MASS, --mass MASS Log10 stellar mass/M_sun
-p DENSITY, --density DENSITY
Local number density percentile [0,100]
-s SFR, --SFR SFR SFR in M_sun/yr

**-z** *redshift*

**-m** *log<sub>10</sub>(stellar mass / M<sub>sun</sub>)*

**-p** *percentile of local number density* in the range [0,100] (see [Martin et al. 2018a]( "Martin+18a"))

**-s** *star formation rate in M<sub>sun</sub>/yr*

#### Importing the package

from progenitor_probability import progenitor_probability
>>> progenitor_probability(redshift=0.4, mass=10.8)

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