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Easy to use progress bars

Project description

Easy progress reporting for Python


There are 6 progress bars to choose from:

  • Bar

  • ChargingBar

  • FillingSquaresBar

  • FillingCirclesBar

  • IncrementalBar

  • ShadyBar

To use them, just call next to advance and finish to finish.

from import Bar

bar = Bar('Processing', max=20)
for i in range(20):
    # Do some work

The result will be a bar like the following:

Processing |#############                   | 42/100

To simplify the common case where the work is done in an iterator, you can use the iter method.

for i in Bar('Processing').iter(it):
    # Do some work

Progress bars are very customizable, you can change their width, their fill character, their suffix and more.

bar = Bar('Loading', fill='@', suffix='%(percent)d%%')

This will produce a bar like the following:

Loading |@@@@@@@@@@@@@                   | 42%

You can use a number of template arguments in message and suffix:




current value


maximum value


max - index


index / max


progress * 100


rolling average time per item (in seconds)


avg * remaining

Instead of passing all configuration options on instatiation, you can create your custom subclass.

class FancyBar(Bar):
    message = 'Loading'
    fill = '*'
    suffix = '%(percent).1f%% - %(eta)ds'


For actions with an unknown number of steps you can use a spinner.

from progress.spinner import Spinner

spinner = Spinner('Loading ')
while state != 'FINISHED':
    # Do some work

There are 4 predefined spinners:

  • Spinner

  • PieSpinner

  • MoonSpinner

  • LineSpinner


Thera are a number of other classes available too, please check the source or subclass one of them to create your own.

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