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Minimalist and pythonic progress bar

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Minimalist and pythonic progress bar.



pip install progressist


from progressist import ProgressBar
bar = ProgressBar(total=mytotalstuff)
for item in mystuff:
    # do_stuff

Or use bar.iter transparently

for item in bar.iter(mystuff):

It comes with a default rendering that is enough for starting, but it's made to be customised very easily: just writting a template string:

bar = ProgressBar(total=mytotalstuff, template='{prefix} {progress} ETA: {eta}')

It's just plain python formatting so you can use any valid string formatting to take control over the appearance. For example:

bar = ProgressBar(total=mytotalstuff, template='{progress} {percent:.2%} ETA: {eta:%H:%M:%S}')

You can also just change the fill character:

bar = ProgressBar(total=mytotalstuff, done_char='#')

You can change the progress logic itself, for example to use a spinner (included):

bar = ProgressBar(total=mytotalstuff, progress='{spinner}')
# 'progress' kwarg must return a valid template variable.
# included ones are {bar} and {spinner}

You can step by more than one at a time:

for item in mystuff:
    amount = do_stuff()

You can add more template vars by subclassing ProgressBar:

class MyBar(ProgressBar):

    def swap(self):
        return psutil.swap_memory().total

bar = MyBar(total=20, template='{prefix} {progress} Swap usage: {swap}')

If you are using the same configuration at different places, create a subclass and set its configuration as class properties:

class MyBar(ProgressBar):
    template = ('Download |{animation}| {done:B}/{total:B}')
    done_char = '⬛'

bar = MyBar()

You want to compute yourself the done part?

bar.update(done=myvar / othervar * another)

Or the target total may change during process?


To use as urlretrieve callback:

bar = ProgressBar(template="Download |{animation}| {done:B}/{total:B}")
urllib.request.urlretrieve(myurl, mydest, reporthook=bar.on_urlretrieve)

See examples for inspiration.

To run examples, when git cloned the repository, simply run:


If you want to run only one example, add its name to the command line:

python example_download


You can set all of those parameters either as class properties:

class MyBar(ProgressBar):
    done_char = 'x'

bar = Bar()

Or at init:

bar = ProgressBar(done_char='x')

Or at update:

bar = Bar()
name default description
done_char = Char used for filling the progress bar
remain_char ' ' (a space) Char used for filling the empty portion of the progress bar
template {prefix} {progress} {percent} ({done}/{total}) The template of the whole line
prefix Progress: The leading label
animation '{progress}' The actual widget used for progress, can be {bar}, {spinner} or {stream}
throttle 0 Minimum value between two update call to issue a render: can accept an int for an absolute throttling, a float for a percentage throttling (total must then be set) or a dimedelta for a throttling in seconds

Built in template vars

name description type default formatting
prefix Leading label in default template string str
elapsed The elapsed time from the first iteration (in seconds) int as timedelta
eta The computed ETA datetime %H:%M:%S if less than 24 hours, else %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S
tta The estimated remaining time (time to arrival; in seconds) int as timedelta
avg The average time per iteration, in seconds float .2f
speed The average number of iterations per second float .2f
done The number of done iterations integer
total The total number of iterations to be done integer
remaing The number of iterations remaining to be done integer
percent The percent of iterations already done float .2%
animation The actual progress bar template string ({bar}, {spinner} or {stream})

Custom formatting

We extend python default Formatter with some handy custom specs:

  • B type: render an int as human friendly bytes size. For example:

      > = 109830983
      > bar.template = '{total:B}'
      > bar.render()
      '104.7 MiB'

    You can still override the ndigits value:

      > = 109830983
      > bar.template = '{total:0.2B}'
      > bar.render()
      '104.74 MiB'
  • D type: try to cast to integer. For example:

      > bar.speed = 103.23
      > bar.template = '{speed:D}'
      > bar.render()

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